The only method of getting rid of unwanted hair forever is electrolysis is usually. This method is used to get rid of vegetation on any part of the body in people of any age and gender. The principle of a method consists in the destruction of hair follicles electric energy and removing the hair with the hair follicle. Contra-indications for this procedure is, but a little: cardiovascular, cancer, skin diseases, pregnancy, diabetes.
Эффективная эпиляция без неприятных последствий
After electrolysis may reddening of the skin and the appearance of a light itching. So do not scratching, rubbing, or stroke treated area of the body, otherwise the recovery process may be delayed, and microRNA will turn into scars. Women, with particular sensitivity, you can take analgesic medication. You can do this before the procedure, and after. On the night of the treated skin can lubricate antibiotic cream or ointment. Small red spots will disappear within a week.

If electroepilation made in person, within days do not need a face wash and use makeup. During the week is not necessary to clean the skin scrub. After this procedure you should exclude the means for skin care products that contain alcohol and perfumes.

In future after the procedure, 2 weeks is not recommended to be on the active sun, to visit a sauna, pool, sauna. Until full recovery of the skin do not expose yourself loads, contributing to sweating. Sweat, hitting microRNA, can be a source of irritation.
Эффективная эпиляция без неприятных последствий 3
Some women, wanting to save money, try to do electroepilation yourself at home. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences, so how to get the electrode is just in the root of the hair at the company.

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