4. The eye mask of wrinkles on the basis of the wheat bread crumbs with milk. This mask is one of the most simple to prepare. All you need is a crumb of wheat bread, you want to mix with warm milk. The prepared mask lay around the eyes and hold an average of 20 minutes. Remove paper towel and wash the face with water whose temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.

5. Mask of wrinkles on the eyelids of raw potatoes. Grate 1 potatoes on a fine grater. Dilute the resulting slurry cream. Apply the mixture on the area under the eyes and keep for 20 minutes.

The upper eyelids at this time must be under the influence of cotton pads, soaked in strong tea certification. This tool effectively reduces existing wrinkles under the eyes.

6. Blend eyeshadow made from the oils of sea buckthorn and cocoa, melted butter and vitamin E. Take the sea-buckthorn oil, cocoa butter and oil solution of vitamin E in equal quantity. The mixture is ready cream for removing wrinkles from the skin of the eyelids. Apply the mixture liberally on the bottom, and then on the upper eyelids lightly patting movements. For the most problematic area – the outer side of each eye, attach washed or parchment paper. Keep the mask 20 minutes, and after that carefully remove excess mixture drenched motion, do not RUB. Course – 5-10 procedures within two weeks. Spend the evening before bedtime.

7. Cosmetic ice for a century against wrinkles. This procedure is preferably carried out in the morning, before going out on the street. So, wash, and wipe after all the problem areas of the face with a piece of ice or frozen ice cube, made with milk 1:1 ratio. Then apply on the skin of a peach or olive oil. After 15 minutes remove excess oil that is not absorbed. This procedure increases the elasticity of the skin, eliminate wrinkles.

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