Support beauty and health of your nails are not that simple. Environment, changes of the climatic seasons creates a lot of risks and threats. Besides modern varnishes and cleaning products quickly destroy the nail plate, making them vulnerable and weak. There are many ways at home to maintain the beauty of your nails. In particular, and to care for them it is necessary in spring, when the body is weakened and needs a lot of vitamins.
Эффективные способы укрепления ногтей2
One of the best tools become firming mask. Solutions of olive oil and lemon will provide the necessary amount of nutrients. To purchase the ingredients also just as the design of the apartment to order: find products easily in any supermarket. The mixture is heated water bath, and one spoon of olive oil is diluted with two or three drops of lemon juice. Treatment of nail plates it is necessary to carry out several times a week.

A relevant decision will be using the mask of red pepper, and ointments of beeswax. Pepper mixed with ordinary hand cream, so there are thick liquid mass. Daily use of the mask will help to restore the balance of nutrients and significantly increase the strength of nails. Wax in turn is mixed with egg yolk eggs and infused for 20 minutes.
Эффективные способы укрепления ногтей3
Experienced experts also recommend to pay attention to the juice of sour berries and decoctions of herbs. The mixture is necessary to strengthen and nourish the nails. Berries simply crushed and RUB sour juice right in the nails. A decoction of herbs is, as a rule, chamomile, Hypericum and leaves the mountain down. The structure is filled glass of boiling water and infuse for a few minutes to a bearable temperature. Further to a few times to lower the tips of the toes in the warm water.

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