Although withstand this diet is difficult enough, she is very popular because it gives excellent results. Sitting down at her, remember that it only works with full adherence to the diet.

Egg Diet Osama Хамдий in its effects on the body relies on the stimulation of chemical reactions. In result the metabolism increases its speed and You inevitably lose weight.

The menu on the first week of the diet:

For Breakfast every day you should eat 2 eggs, and half an orange. Lunch and dinner will be different every day.

Monday at lunch you can eat any number of one type of fruit. Dinner should take food dish from low-fat fried meat.

Tuesday for lunch awaits You chicken. Preferably cooked and without skin. Dinner can be 2 eggs, vegetable salad and one grapefruit.
Усама Хамдий1
Wednesday will delight You with lunch from one of tomato, a small amount of non-fat cheese, and one of toast. Lunch can you cook patties of lean meat.

Menu Thursday fully similar Monday. On Friday on Your dinner table should be vegetables and 2 eggs, hard-boiled.

On Saturday eat the same as on Monday. At the end of the week for lunch can eat chicken, tomato, orange and vegetables.

The menu of the second week:

For Breakfast you should always eat floor of orange and two boiled eggs.

Monday at lunch You are supposed to eat two eggs, and salad. For dinner, prepare yourself 2 eggs and one orange.

Tuesday will bring to Your dining table vegetable salad and fried cutlet of meat. And dinner will be the same as on Monday.

The environment is fully repeats the diet on Monday. Thursday allow to eat for lunch two eggs and a slice of low fat cheese with vegetables. For dinner you can eat only 2 boiled eggs.
Усама Хамдий
On Friday you can afford for lunch seafood shrimp or fish. For dinner, prepare yourself 2 eggs.

Saturday allows You to eat a Burger for lunch, tomato and orange. For dinner, fruit salad. Sunday lunch should be the same that on Saturday. And dinner repeats the lunch menu.

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