электролиполизElectrolipolysis is another cosmetic procedure designed to fight cellulite. The procedure of electrolipolysis is carried out using thin needles or electrodes that affect areas of concern. The current going through the electrodes, is aimed at the tissue affected by cellulite, under the influence of the current contained in fat cells triglyceride breaks down into fatty acids. Before you decide on the passage of this procedure, should consult a physician, as in relative safety, in a particular case, electrolipolysis may be accompanied by the manifestation of side effects.


Who may be recommended electrolipolysis

Electrolipolysis suitable for women suffering from a mild form of cellulite on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The procedure is not recommended for women with excess weight and to persons suffering from obesity.


The principle of electrolipolysis

The needles used in electrolipolysis similar to those used in acupuncture. These needles are inserted in adipose tissue, the tissue act weak discharge current, which lead to decrease fibers of connective tissue. Stimulation fibers leads to improvement of skin appearance.

At processing of skin on his buttocks and thighs are four pairs of needles length of 10-12 cm, which are injected into the skin to a depth of 1 to 5 see It is at this depth are cells, guilty in the appearance of cellulite.

The impact of electrolipolysis destroys fat cells and reduces their ability to store fat. This “free” fat then readily eliminated from the body naturally during urination, so after the procedure of electrolipolysis for toxins, it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

Alternate stimulation and relaxation cable fibres improve the microcirculation of blood and lymph.


Where is procedure electrolipolysis

Electrolipolysis performed in day surgery plastic surgery clinics by a qualified plastic surgeon after preliminary consultations and interviews. The procedure does not require the use of local anesthesia and does not cause significant pain. Most likely, you just feel a slight tingling current.

To achieve the best results it is recommended to undergo a course of 6-10 procedures, duration 45-60 minutes each. The interval between sessions shall be not less than two weeks.

The first results are already noticeable in four weeks. To reinforce the effect of the procedure is necessary to Supplement a healthy balanced meals and exercise at least twice a week. The result of electrolipolysis depends on the state of tissues and “age” of cellulite.

After completing a full course, you can lose 3-4 cm in the hips and 4-5 kg in weight. Most importantly, the cells perceive the procedure as a certain program in memory, so the weight will not be returned immediately after you finished the course. Keep the result at the appropriate level help acupuncture, besides preventing cellulite, acupuncture helps to restore the overall balance of the body.


Indications and contraindications

Electrolipolysis not recommended for adolescents, people with excess weight, to pregnant women. Also this procedure is contraindicated in deep vein thrombosis, irritated and inflamed skin, in the latter case, increasing the risk of developing infectious contamination.


Side effects

One of the common side effects of electrolipolysis is easy swelling and frequent urination during the first few days after the procedure. The fat cells is deposited in the form of triglycerides. Current destroys the ties that hold molecules triglycerides together, and then separated from each other small molecules easily fall into the interstitial space, at break of fat cells increases the level of fluid in the body, capillaries dilate, and the withdrawal of fluid through the bloodstream and the lymph. Electrolipolysis also contraindicated in patients with severe cancer and suffering from epilepsy.

Itching as a side effect may occur under the electrodes, which is current. Manufacturers of equipment for electrolipolysis and plastic surgeons argue that the procedure is completely painless, is not accompanied by the forced destruction of muscles and does not affect the surrounding tissue. Patients say that electrolipolysis quite pleasant procedure, during which you can relax and even to sleep. Technology electrolipolysis grew up on the ideas of electrotherapy and renal dialysis and today it successfully serves the cause skin beauty-proportioned silhouette.


Electrolipolysis or liposuction?

These two procedures are difficult to compare. First of all, liposuction is a surgical procedure that is performed by plastic surgeon liposuction is accompanied by a significant degree of invasiveness and much more expensive than electrolipolysis.

Electrolipolysis became known in the field of medical cosmetology recently. But recently this procedure is becoming more and more popular.

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