электроэпиляцияIn the discussion of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair on the body most frequently mentioned are two types of procedures: electrolysis is usually and laser hair removal. Each of these methods has managed to “grow into” myths and half-truths, each of them has its admirers and enemies, but a comparison of these two methods, the main question is: which one allows to get rid of unwanted hair forever?

Recently, laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular. As a rule, the procedure is performed in beauty salons or dermatological clinics. The main tool of laser hair removal is a handheld device that emits a powerful light, which destroys the hair follicle and hair follicles. The procedure itself is not too painful, processing zone is medium in size takes about 15 minutes.

Electrolysis is usually or electrolysis based on a different technology. This technique has appeared earlier, than laser hair removal. The essence of electrolysis is the following: directly to the hair follicle is entered electrode thicker than a human hair. This sensor receives an electrical charge, which destroys the root of the hair. Electricity is finally destroys the hair shaft, the root and the reproductive cells of the follicles, i.e. after the procedure electrolysis hair will not grow back. Unwanted hair removal using electrolysis process is quite tedious and unpleasant, unlike laser hair removal, where not everyone is treated hair, and a certain surface, electrolysis works with each hair individually.

So, what are the main advantages of electrolysis and laser hair removal what is the fundamental difference between these methods.


The advantages of laser hair removal

Compared to electrolysis hair removal laser takes much less time. For example, the processing session axillary zones takes no more than 10 minutes.

Laser hair removal is less painful, although the pain factor, not least depends on the individual characteristics of the customer and the wizard, perform the procedure. However, compared to electrolysis is usually, laser supplies are much less discomfort.

Laser hair removal is a very popular procedure that can take almost any good cosmetic salon and dermatological clinic.


Disadvantages of laser

For optimum results, you will have to undergo a certain number of procedures, a single session of laser hair removal will not help you to get rid of unwanted hair. As a rule, the standard course is designed for 5-6 procedures, and do not forget that for each session will have to pay a certain amount, not very small. The high cost of this service is probably one of the greatest shortcomings.

No, the main drawback of laser hair removal is its inability to rid you of unwanted hair forever. The laser reduces the intensity of hair growth by 90%, but does not remove them once and for all. To maintain results about every six months you will have to undergo the procedure again. The comparison of laser hair removal and electrolysis – this factor is the most significant shortcoming of the laser.


Advantages electrolysis

First of all, electrolysis is usually able to permanently rid you of unwanted body hair. In fact, it electrolysis is usually to date is the only method that can provide permanent hair removal.

The full course of electrolysis can be from 25 to 30 separate sessions, the cost of each session is notable enough, but it ultimately you will have to pay a little more than a course of laser hair removal. However, given the fact that you will not have to undergo repeated courses of electrolysis and hair will not grow back again, the high price in this case is justified.


Disadvantages electrolysis

  • The electrolysis is usually spend far not every cabin, if you decide to get rid of unwanted hair with the help of this technique, try to find a salon or clinic with a good reputation and, more importantly, qualified in this field staff.
  • Full course hair removal using electrolysis rather long process. Processing of each individual hair takes time, single procedure takes about an hour, in some cases more.
  • Small bits of current aimed at the destruction and removal of hair can cause pain. Of course, this pain you can endure, but compared to laser hair removal, electrolysis much painful.

On closer examination electrolysis is usually looks more preferably, at least because once and for all get rid of unwanted body hair. To forget about this problem forever – the cherished dream of all women who resort to one or another type of hair removal.

Procedure electrolysis officially approved by the competent health authorities as an effective method of removing unwanted body hair, but if it is almost complete security, do not forget about the possibility of side effects.

The most common risk factors electrolysis is the possibility of a communicable infection and the appearance of scars. Such cases are not typical, most often these effects occur insufficient qualification of specialist or when using non-sterile equipment and tools.

In rare cases, after a course of electrolysis can be depigmentation of the skin, but this happens only on the basis of individual characteristics of the human body.

Before you make a choice and go to the salon, try to learn about these procedures as much as possible. Ask your friends who may have passed this way, consult with a specialist, assessment of their financial capacity, in the end. Beauty requires victims, but without the balanced approach, patience and desire to be beautiful, you just will not do.

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