постугревые рубцыAcne is always uncomfortable, and disappears when another pimple, each of us breathes a sigh of relief, but very often this joy is darkened ugly mark, which remains in place a pimple. Even if you do not suffer from a bad habit to squeeze pimples, acne inflammation, in particular cysts can leave quite noticeable scars, and it happens due to the destructive skin collagen, extensive inflammatory process. But there are ways to prevent acne scars or to make existing scars less visible.


The factors that aggravate the condition of post-acne scars

The sunlight makes the scarring darker and considerably slows the healing process. Ultraviolet light stimulates the production of melanocytes, the cells that forms the pigment, which ultimately leads to skin color changes. How to prevent the appearance of age spots? Before going out on the street necessarily apply on the skin with a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide, with a protection factor of at least 30 or higher. Don’t forget to apply the cream again, if you have bathed in the pool or carried out in the sun for over two hours. Try not to be under the scorching rays of the sun between ten in the morning and two hours of day. Wear clothes with long sleeves, light trousers and a broad-brimmed hat.

The basis of any scar is collagen, a fibrous protein that acts in the human body in the role of some repair material. Acne scars are, as a rule, a very rough form, pressed or protruding, and the reason for this is the destruction of collagen due to the extensive inflammation. Squeezing blackheads only aggravate inflammation, and hurt the skin, increasing the chances of formation of scars and skin color changes. Often, this invasive way of dealing with acne leads to the formation of abscesses and penetration of pus and bacteria in the deeper skin cells. All this leads to the destruction of the collagen layer and, as a consequence of appearance of ugly scars and marks.

You may have heard that topical application of vitamin E stimulates the healing process of the skin damage. However, recent studies have shown that the application of vitamin E directly on the scar or the scar across slows down the process of skin regeneration. According to the study, vitamin E in this case completely ineffective, and in some cases even aggravates the situation and leads to the appearance of contact dermatitis.


Treatment and preventive methods for acne scars

  • Exfoliating treatments

The use of scrubs and exfoliants frees the skin from dead cells and stimulate the process of updating and restoring the skin. If your goal is to get rid of post-acne scars and pigmentation, give preference to chemical peeling. Active ingredients chemical peeling deeply penetrate the skin, which allows to achieve a positive effect in a shorter compared to manual processing time.

  • Funds with cortisone content and creams with whitening effect

Creams with cortisone help to soothe the skin and relieve swelling. Cortisone is well absorbed and has excellent anti-inflammatory effect. To illuminate the darkened in the area of the scar skin doctors recommend to apply creams with whitening effect. It should be noted that hydroquinone, popular whitening ingredient recently fell into disgrace and was excluded from many of the bleaching creams. However, there are many other components that are perfectly cope with this task, for example, kojic acid, which is contained in mushrooms, arbutin, or extract, bearberry extract, and even vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Pretty good whitening effect have means with the content of retinoids and azelaic acid, which can be purchased at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. If you don’t have a prescription, and you want to try the tools that are available, please note creams and serums with the alpha gidromolot.

Unfortunately, today there are no creams, capable to correct imperfections in atrophic post-acne scars.

  • Laser correction and fillers

If the scars and pigmentation is not a long time does not disappear and the ways described above do not yield any result , make an appointment with your dermatologist, practitioners laser skin resurfacing. Modern technology of laser resurfacing fractionated radiation allows one to three sessions to equalize the surface of the skin and intensify the production of collagen, necessary for filling of skin irregularities. Processing palatinum laser or FotoSlate stimulates the formation of collagen cells without damaging the skin, while ablative laser (CO2 and erbium) dissolve scar, exposing the smooth skin beneath it. Injections of fillers are also very effective in correcting imperfections in the deep scars, but the disadvantage of this procedure is necessary to pass the procedure of correcting every four to six months. Over time, the filler is dissolved in the skin cells and effect disappears.

  • Please be patient

The main factor in the fight against postpreview scars and pigmentation is your patience and perseverance. A few weeks after the appearance of acne on the skin and subsequent scarring to the site of inflammation shift blood vessels that feed cells, that is why most fresh scars are pinkish in color. After a few months, to start the process of collagen production, which fills the damaged skin areas. When cystic acne, especially in its severe forms, the inflammation destroys the fat cells and skin cells, so the process of skin regeneration and disappearance of the scar may take a year or more.

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