элитная косметикаElite cosmetic for women alone is the only possible, while others only dream about it, occasionally indulging yourself to yourself this is impermissible for them luxury. Why these funds such expensive and who determines the identity of a particular brand or product to a series of cosmetic elite? The theme of «Lux» is ambiguous, controversial, because so interesting and versatile. We can say only one thing: the cost of elite cosmetics is the sum of many components, among which its composition is far not the most important thing.


Precious name

элитная косметика Chanel


Many will say that when you buy an expensive cream, we overpay up to 70-80% in only brand that stands on its packaging. And you would be right, but only partly. Name in the fashion and beauty industry means a lot, and not only высоколобый Paphos plays a role. Buying packaging of cream from the well-known brands presented on the market for many decades, the consumer buys not only the product, but also a guarantee of its quality, which endorse the specialists of research laboratories, almost always available to any brand.

Manufacturer with a proven track record will not risk, releasing on the counter tool with a questionable composition, cream which has not been as effective, stated in the advertisement. Big brands maintained their reputation on the market of cosmetics thanks to the continuous development and improvement, the use of innovative technologies, having no analogues neither competitors nor have them in the past.


Input production

Production of cosmetics is not simply an invention of the composition, which is poured into plastic jar, is Packed in the cardboard and put on the shelf. Although, many brands do so, because they do not belong to the elite division. Modern beauty industry is concerned about the search for funds, which отсрочивают aging and struggle with it. Representatives of cosmetic suites are on the foreground: they are not repeated and are in constant development, investing heavily in the latest laboratory development, supported empirically.

So the production of new anti-aging face cream can be preceded by several years multistage training, not to mention what kind of expensive components may have. Recently gaining popularity with agents containing dust precious stones, gold and platinum, caviar extracts, extracts from exotic plants, cultivation, collection and retrieval of which requires time, labor and, of course, considerable financial resources.


Marketing gimmicks

элитная косметика Dior


There are things from the point of view of the consumer completely useless but, according to the manufacturer, are integral to the success of the new product. For example, packing. Vial of serum, cream, development and realization of design which is a separate item in the budget, which, of course, is reflected in the price. Plastic is the inheritance of the mass market, and the elite cream, as a dear stone, you want a decent frame. Some manufacturers specialize in production of cosmetics packaging that are becoming trendy accessories, and not just a means of makeup. This makes them objects of desire only due to packaging!

There are some brands that delicately decorate their cans of cream Swarovski crystals, produce cosmetics bottles from expensive crystal or glass. But then all went brand H. Couture Beauty, which produces the means of decorative cosmetics packaging, studded with precious stones. Of course, this взвинчивает final cost, bringing it to dizzying heights. This is the case when the cosmetic cheaper packaging in which it is presented. Absurd? Possible. But demand breeds supply, such funds successfully sold out, otherwise such cosmetics was not made to do.


Brand of elite cosmetics

Many crave definition of elite cosmetics, not to be mistaken with a choice of brand. But the harsh truth is that the term elite or «Suite» cosmetics attribute rather by the consumers themselves than those who issues it. Only determines whether the cost of belonging to an elite class or the name of the brand is a guarantee? The modern variety difficult to provide a framework for the end of the mass market and begins to «Lux», however, can be guided by the generally accepted canons.

The elite has traditionally ranked among cosmetics, which is produced respectable fashion house or major cosmetics corporations. Among them: Chanel, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Lancôme, Atelier Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, Clarins, Shiseido. Separate family is a professional cosmetics for salon use. This is such brands as Payot, la Mer, La Prairie, Decléor. The cost of this cosmetics may be several times greater than the previous one.

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