Prominent plastic surgeon Ivan Maniero, who regularly acts as expert in various TV shows, carefully considered popular on our stage singers, writes the edition “Women’s magazine”.

According to the expert, Ukrainian girl Svetlana Loboda increased lips. It is interesting that Light itself has repeatedly stated that lush lips, she’s a natural, but professional case surgeon says otherwise.

“Lips are created by nature, tapering at the edges. If this does not happen and they are thick throughout its length, so we deal with silicone. At Loboda is such a case,” commented the surgeon.

In Kamaliya, continues Mr. Maniero, lips done better, but with the use of silicone. Similar injections were used to outline the nose and eyes, and on the face they just had a few. And, I think, in vain.

The ex-singer of the trio “Viagra” Anna Sedokova the doctor found a rhinoplasty and breast soreness, which seems Ivan is too big.

The most successful plastic was made Taisia Povaliy, and the negative example, according to the Maniero, Irina Bilyk. “Her face completely lost its naturalness after facelifts and injections of beauty”, says the expert.

It is noteworthy that none of these stars, whose artificiality found Ivan Maniero, did not comment on his findings.

In conclusion, the famous surgeon said that he sees no surgical interventions Nastia Kamenskih.

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