клизма для похуденияIf you can’t get results in the fight against excess weight, do not despair, try new methods, it is possible that one of them will be exactly what you need. Practice natural methods of weight loss argue that the use of enemas promotes the excretion of toxins from the colon, which in turn helps get rid of excess weight. However, the present-day sound scientific evidence that enema slimming and cleansing of the bowel really help you lose weight, does not exist.

A bit of history

Enema – one of the oldest forms of hydrotherapy, since ancient times, people began to cleanse the colon it is this way. Enema mentioned in the Bible in ancient written sources, in Sumerian medical treatises, knew about the ancient Greeks and Romans.

What is enema

Enema – a simple method colon cleansing available at home and does not require sophisticated equipment. The essence of the enema is the washing of the bowel warm water, sometimes, instead of water use other liquids such as coffee, herbal teas or wheat grass juice.

Enemas and intestines washing

Intestinal lavage, unlike enema, is carried out only by qualified specialist in medical terms. Devices that use to insert a liquid in the intestines and washing can be filled several times. Rinses provides a more efficient procedure.

The role of enemas in weight loss

The accumulation of toxins in the colon leads to the disintegration and increasing the level of toxins in the body. High content of toxins in the body blocking the purification of internal organs and metabolism slows, i.e. directly affects the processes responsible for the weight loss. Over time, the number of toxins can reach a critical mass, which leads to bloating. Physicians have noted that intestinal lavage nominally is not a method of weight reduction, but in most cases really helps to get rid of extra pounds.

How to prepare and use an enema

Howard stern, Britney Spears and Courtney Love claim that enemas – a very effective method of weight loss, which not only helps you lose a couple of kilos, but to cleanse the body of toxins and pollutants. Experts say that using an enema for purification of intestines from slags people per hour to get up from 1-2 up to 8 kg

  • First, determine what type of enemas fits your needs. Actually enemas are different, so it is important to choose the most effective option. Purchase in pharmacy спринцовку or a special set for enemas.
  • For use enemas select one hour. Do not overeat and do not drink plenty of fluids before entering the enema. After entering enema make a light massage of the abdomen. Try yourself emptied before entering enema, in such a case, the procedure will be more effective.
  • Prepare an enema. Water should not be too cold or too hot, the temperature of about +to 38.8 degrees Celsius. Reassemble the unit for enemas to the package connect a hose clamp and tip. For easy input tip apply the cream or special grease.
  • Also lubricate the anus and the area around it. For the first enema lie on your back, bend and connect your knees together, feet apart a little wider. No need to do an enema on the toilet, otherwise fluid is simply spilled out. In the adopted position you will be well visible as the liquid leaves the enema, the abdomen is inflated, that is a signal that the fluid gets into the large intestine. If you feel a considerable discomfort or cramping, massage your stomach. Try to hold the enema a few minutes.
  • When it came time to empty the intestines, go to the toilet, not removing the tube. Take a comfortable position, and then remove the tube. Take a deep breath and release the intestines from toxins.

Useful tips

If you do an enema of water, use filtered water. Tap water is not the best option, it includes numerous chemical impurities and inorganic suspended matter, such as, for example, chlorine, which irritate the intestines.

If you do an enema first time, ask someone close to assist you, you may need to change the situation, and need the assistance of another person. If your partner or someone familiar with the technique of introduction of an enema, ask him or her to help you.

Do not use enemas too often. Doctors recommend to use this method once a year. First of all, enema is used to cleanse the body from toxins and release of the intestine from accumulated impurities, weight loss in this case is a nice bonus. Itself enema is not a means of losing weight.

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