энзимный пилингThe term «enzymes» strikes us as soon as we turn on the TV or open a fashion magazine page of the new beauty products. Cream with enzymes, serum enzymes and other products containing these components, to rid the skin from a variety of problems. In addition, cosmetics manufacturers have begun to produce tubes and vacuum packaging with a mysterious wording «enzyme peeling, the same service is available in beauty salons. Enzyme peeling – increasingly popular procedure, which has a lot of advantages with a minimum of shortcomings.


Enzymes shop

Enzyme peeling promises to renew the skin, which is characterized by high sensitivity and poor tolerability aggressive treatments. All this became possible thanks to enzymes or special enzymes that eliminate the need to work on your skin with abrasive particles, and other irritating it techniques.

Enzyme is a synonym of the enzyme, enzyme peeling is also called a fermentative, but first designation seems more euphonious for promotion of goods and services. Previously talked about enzymes within the discussion of the processes of digestion: enzymes are molecules that speed up chemical reactions, which occur splitting composite substances into individual components, it is easier digested by the body. But enzymes work not only inside the body, the enzyme peeling is a direct demonstration of the fact that they are on the surface of the skin. Namely – to dissolve dead skin particles without the use of abrasive exfoliants and high-concentrated acids, adopted in other types of chemical peels.

Enzyme belongs to the most gentle types of peeling of the surface, which is available for use on hyperreactive skin. Previously, surface chemical peeling applied fruit acid weak concentrations, but their use was limited due to individual intolerance and risk of the side effects of the holders irritated and thin dry skin.

Enzyme peeling works on another level, the enzymes in its composition carefully dissolve dead particles of skin without damaging it deeply, causing burns. In solutions for enzyme peel include enzymes such as papain, trypsin, bromelain (sensational enzyme contained in pineapple, who attributed the miraculous splitting of fats). The basis of enzyme peel become weak solutions of acids, which normally be applied to the surface of careful Pilenga.


Indications to enzymatic peeling

If you need an enzyme peeling or your skin normally takes traditional exfoliation ANA-acids? Competent cosmetologist not going recommend busansky peeling holders dry, dehydrated skin, at the extended capillaries located close to the surface, the propensity to allergic to citrus and hypersensitivity to any more or less aggressive invasion, which is the standard superficial peeling an Apple, almond, salicylic acid, glycolic acid.

Enzyme pilih good as a preventive and easy therapeutic measures for women and men, sensitive skin which is subjected to everyday stress in unfavourable ecological situation. It can be used to eliminate the effects of acne, and acne is not in the acute stage. Women in the category of 30+ can also apply for peeling with enzymes to delay the signs of aging, and to maintain youth and radiance, its smoothness and radiance. Irreplaceable such peeling with oily skin enlarged pores, combined and dry sensitive, irritated skin. It is possible to resort to women with dark skin, that is a contraindication to the middle and deep peeling.

Enzyme peeling procedure can be done shop on a regular basis that will keep the skin in order for as long as possible. But, despite the gentle care, you cannot do the procedure often is in any case exfoliation, which causes a small, but still damage to the epidermis. Abuse peeling lead to the opposite result.

Contraindication to enzymatic peeling serve as conditions such as diabetes, acne in the acute stage (with open markets, pustular formations, strong rosacea), and exacerbation of other skin diseases.

Undoubted advantage of enzyme peel is its accessibility, even without going to the salon. Many brands are produced exfoliating creams, lotions, masks with the enzymes that are calculated on the home application, which must also be limited by the frequency and duration of the course.

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