эпиляция области бикиниMany women have heard about Brazilian, French or Hollywood epilation but not all have a clear idea of what exactly is the difference between this or that method of removing hair in the bikini area. In addition to traditional hair removal bikini, masters salons can offer a very creative solution to the problem of unwanted hair in intimate zones. So epilation of the bikini area can be done in different ways, the choice depends on personal preferences and scope of the imagination of the client.

Before deciding on the conduct of hair removal bikini will be useful to learn more about the main trends in this area. For many women hair removal bikini – something new, something that helps women feel freer, more beautiful and more desirable.


Classic hair removal bikini

Classic hair removal bikini involves the removal of hair on the inner thigh on line panties. This type of hair removal is perfect for those who undergoes the procedure of removal of hair in the bikini area for the first time. Classic hair is very popular, especially in summer. If you have decided to resort to this type of hair removal bikini, first of all, decide how extensive will be the area hair removal. For example, put on the bikini bottom and lines mark the targeted area. Ensure proper qualification of master of epilation, with proper procedure, the necessary number of hairs are removed in one session.


Full hair removal bikini

The name of this type of hair removal is understandable that in the process of procedure removes much more hair than normal hair removal, also full hair removal involves removing some of the hair at the top of the pubic area and cropping the main part of the hair to create a nice neat triangle. This type of hair removal is perfectly suited to women seeking for more accurate registration of the intimate zone, but completely unwilling to part with what grows there.


French epilation

When the French epilation, bikini, pubic hair removed almost completely, but it keeps the narrow strip of hair from the pubic area up to the gluteal area. This type of hair removal choose women who aspire to a minimum amount of pubic hair, but I do not want to remove hair from behind.


Brazilian waxing

When Brazilian hair removal bikini hair removed practically everywhere, from the front, inside and in the rear part of the intimate zones. Sometimes, the desire of women, in front of the pubis leave narrow strip or neat triangle. Brazilian hair removal is most often chosen by women who wear thongs and those who prefer a completely devoid of hair bikini area.


Hollywood waxing

Hollywood waxing is the complete removal of hair in the intimate area. If Brazilian hair removal bikini involves the presence of small amounts of hair, Hollywood style – not tolerate no vegetation. When hair removal bikini in Hollywood style hair is removed at the front, inner and rear intimate zone. This type of hair removal is often accompanied by unpleasant sensations of pain, so the Hollywood style is not recommended to choose those who first decide on the procedure hair removal the bikini area.



Recently in fashion is the so-called «client» bikini, in such cases, the triangle of pubic hair is processed depending on wishes of the client, sometimes triangle of hair at the top of the pubic area is in the form of spicy arrows or some other figures. For example, the wizard of cosmetic salons note that before Valentine’s day, especially popular is intimate hair removal in the form of a heart. Many people like the fact that such a heart can be easily turned into a neat triangle or thin strip. Such creative epilation choose women who value freedom of sexual expression, and those who prefer a minimum of hair in the intimate area.

In the field of hair removal bikini there are several technologies and trends, but, going to the salon, you should remember that the names of the types of wax and style hair removal in different salons can be named differently. To hair removal bikini no cause for disappointment, explain in detail wizard, where and how much hair you want to delete or keep. Start with the basic epilation, later moving to a more extensive, if you prefer intimate area with a minimum amount of hair.

In ancient times, our ancestors were removing pubic hair because of cultural or religious traditions in the modern world hair removal bikini and intimate zones is peculiar fashion, which today follow not only women but also men.



Many women, deciding on the procedure of hair removal bikini there are, above all, for aesthetic reasons, but doctors warn that sometimes hair removal intimate areas can be unsafe for the health. In result of research, scientists have found that a deep hair removal, significantly increases the risk of infection by a virus called molluscum contagiosum (molluscum contagiosum).

Molluscum contagiosum virus, which often occurs in children and adults whose immune system is weakened by disease or medication. This type of infection transmitted through sexual means, and in recent cases of infection with this virus through sexual contacts is much more frequent.

Scientists wondered whether the increase in the number of cases of sexual transmission of the virus with the growing fashion for epilation intimate zones. Process shaving or waxing provokes the emergence of minor skin injuries, cuts and other microtraumas, which can easily enter a viral infection. If you decide to do hair removal bikini, be sure to choose a salon, where you have met all of the standards of hygiene, and ensure that the wizard has enough qualification and applies high quality materials.

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