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All the less trust to products of modern pharmacology, designed for weight reduction. Increasingly, people are turning to «Babushka» recipes – отварам of herbs, honey обертываниям, aromatherapy etc Epsom salt for weight loss (bitter salt, magnesium sulfate, magnesium) is one of these proven for decades funds. In nature, this substance is found in many bitter mineral waters. The pharmacy can be purchased in the form of solution for injection or crystalline substance, packaged in small bags.

In medicine magnesium is often used as an intramuscular injection and infusion as a drug for the sedative action. Epsom salt works as spasmolysant, it relieves cramps, muscle tension, efficiently cleans the blood and lymph from the toxins. Cosmetology also appreciates the substance, which can help to improve the condition of the dermis for blotches, eczema, acne on the body. Tool is capable of effectively clean the intestines from toxins and decomposition products, improve metabolic processes in the cells of the skin, restore smoothness and youth of the skin, getting rid of cellulite.

Application instructions and recipes

Baths with magnesium. The procedure is intended for the treatment of the «orange peel» at home. Healing bath increases sweating, activates blood circulation, actively extends through the skin pores harmful substances accumulated in the body, and generally excellent relaxes. To prepare the solution, mix in one capacity 600 g Epsom salts, 2 tsp baking soda, 10 drops of juniper essential oil.

All components of the mixture for bath to mix thoroughly. If you are too lazy to bother with separate preparation of such composition can buy a ready-made product for weight loss – Soda Slim in which, in addition to these ingredients, contains extract of ginger. Fill the bath water (38-42 degrees), add the cooked soda-salt mixture. Procedure duration is 15-20 minutes.

While in water it is recommended to drink in small SIPS drinking water or herbal tea (1 Cup). This helps the body to better absorb nutrients and actively parted from slags and toxins. After the procedure сполоснитесь under a cool shower without soap, put on a dressing gown and lie down quietly on the couch for a half hour. Conduct baths with Epsom salt should be 2-3 times a week. Excellent results can be achieved if we be in the water with the addition of magnesium immediately after the session of anti-cellulite massage.

Epsom salt for weight loss in the form of baths is contraindicated in hypertension, varicose veins, bleeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney diseases and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Bowel cleansing. Epsom salt works as a mild laxative, if it is taken orally. For the beverage dissolve powder in water in proportion 1:1. Take liquid at night on an empty stomach in the morning or half an hour before one of the meals. A daily dose of 10-20 g but not more. If you want more hard effect, use the enema of magnesium (taken 100 ml 20-30% solution of Epsom salt).

About a week before the start of Epsom salts for weight loss you need to go on a diet and exclude from flour, fat, sweet pickles and marinades. The fact is that all of the products in combination with the substance create a heavy load on the liver. This can lead to violation of water-salt balance and terrible stress for the organism. During the use of Epsom salt inside (within 1-2 days, but not longer) eat a semi-liquid food often, but small portions.

If you have unpleasant symptoms, convulsions, etc., suspected of poisoning magnesium. Stop taking funds, drink activated carbon and go to the doctor. In the future you will likely have to continue to use the above diet and start «regenerative therapies» for recovery of water-salt balance and the intestinal microflora using Линекса, Бифидумбактерина and their analogues.

Anti-cellulite scrub. Take a warm shower for 5 minutes, then take a handful of powder magnesium sulfate and start carefully RUB it in warmed skin massage movements. Special attention is paid to problem areas. Previously in Epsom salt can add a couple of tablespoons of honey or a few drops of essential oil, which has anti-cellulite effect. Upon completion of this procedure, rinse your body cool water, let the skin dry and apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.


Nastya, 29 years. Epsom salt slimming seemed like a gimmick. In fact, simple and affordable tool. One bag weighing 20 grams worth a dozen and a half rubles, or less. Inside are afraid (too many have heard about side effects), but the baths are beginning. One procedure is lost not less than 500, But the weight quickly returned – literally the next evening balance showed their usual meanings. Then I realized how сглупила. Therapeutic baths should not be perceived as a standalone tool for weight loss. I fixed the position of the village on a diet, signed up for cellulite massage, began to practise калланетике. Thus, within two months I managed to lose weight 11 kg

Olga, 31. Do not think that taking magnesium inside is a suitable remedy against excess weight. Epsom salt body fat does not burn and does not dissolve. She only the intestines cleanses and removes excess fluid from the body. And we all know how much can be harmful laxatives and diuretics separately. And there’s two in one turns out.

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