ошибки свадебного макияжаIf you want to at her wedding to look elegant and fresh, you need to be careful when choosing makeup if you are going to do it yourself. There are several tips that you avoid the most common mistakes wedding make-up and keep your face at a wedding in the literal and figurative sense.

Do not use blue or blue eyes

Blue, can be beautiful and even a happy color, but not for the wedding, when he is around the eyes. Not knowing this tacit rules, the bride years make the same mistake and enjoy the blue shadows and eyeliner. You can’t have a wedding to use the color of the shadow, which brighter natural eye shade, and he always looks brighter. Remember that in such a day you need to focus on their facial features, and not on the cosmetics that catches your eye.

Do not overdo it with tone means

Much cream is good for the wedding cake, but not for the image of the bride, whose face was hidden under a thick layer of tonally basis. Be sure that the person on the day of the wedding looked perfect, take action for several weeks or even months. The bride should look more natural, because its image remains on the wedding photos.

Not обрисовывайте eye contour white shades, if you do not want to be like a raccoon. Often, this happens message when you use a concealer to disguise circles under the eyes. Flash can aggravate this effect. Use the yellow подтона concealer, and before the wedding, the better exercise in make-up or try to eliminate the blue under the eyes naturally, caring for this area.

No need to Shine

Many brides sin using Shine like the hairstyle and make-up. Think about how you will look at the photographs, which are made with flash – you затрудните work of the photographer and spoil your image. Sequins reflect light, so do not hold with them. Shine on your holiday can be different.

Pick the correct tone

Do not use tonal basis, which is darker than your natural skin tone was going to be evident, especially against the white dress. Natural tone decorate your face, you look elegant and naturally.

Be classic bride

This is a win-win option. Lush greased back hair and blue shadows were in fashion in the eighties. Women who married then, look at our wedding pictures with horror. To avoid this for yourself, do not need to follow a short-term capricious fashion. Stay classic the bride with minimal makeup is a way for all times.

Choose neutral makeup

Red lipstick is a bright accent of the image, but for a wedding is not always suitable option. Many wedding photo shoot done in black and white and then red lips will look black. If you do not want to look too готично, choose a neutral shades of makeup, bright, pastel, which will emphasize your youth and freshness. The same applies to women of Mature age, which bright makeup is all the more pointless.

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