ошибки макияжаWe learn from the mistakes, often on their own, but for others to learn safer for reputation and nervous system. Of course, errors of makeup is not as terrible as other blemishes that can happen in life, but there are quite unfortunate misunderstandings that captured on camera during an important event, and they will repeatedly remind myself. To prevent errors makeup is easy, and at the forefront when using any printing technique need to put the harmony of the colours, the sense of proportion and compliance – and the occasion for which you created the image, and your skin type, and facial features.


Face mask

ошибки макияжаThe similarity of the mask on the face may appear in several cases, and in all way looks equally terrible. The first and most common is the mismatched Foundation, natural skin tone, resulting in the person stands out from the neck and décolleté darker tone, often yellowish tint. Rarely turns out the opposite situation, when the skin is tanned, but it is applied liquid Foundation or powder lighter shade. Turns out something between miss Gallant century and sad Pierrot.

To avoid this blemish makeup store try the tone of the area of the lower jaw, apply cosmetics, daytime refreshments and use different shades of funds, if the tone of your skin changes throughout the year from pale to tanned.


Shadow to brow

ошибки макияжаAlmost always a shadow to the brow look bad and inappropriate. Especially look shade of dark shades and shades with intense Shine. Almost always this image looks outdated, the girl with this makeup will look like the girl from the eighties, up to the disco. The basis of most modern way – eye makeup, combining some shade under one color or several. This creates a depth image and a plain drop shadows make it flat, breaking facial proportions, making your old-fashioned way. If the shadows have a Shine, and the eyelids are prone to swelling, do not doubt that ever will visually become even more swollen.

Avoid controversial shading shadows to browney arc, strive for a delicate make-up, self-contained on a movable century.


Heavy black eyeliner

ошибки макияжаTrends in modern makeup tend to distract the girl from her heavy accent liner, except when it is necessary in retro makeup arrow on the upper eyelid. Many girls wanting to outline the eyes, making the eyes look more expressive, abused black eyeliner in the form of a pencil or liquid liner. Black eyeliner, especially oily and conducted around the eye contour, age, makes the heavy makeup, the eyes small. The girl in this makeup may look vulgar and careless.

Thick black eyeliner in the daytime make-up may not be needed at all – to emphasize depth look into the daily version smoky makeup, you can use gray, dark green, dark brown pencil – they are perceived as more natural and less contrast compared to the aggressive black.


Several accents

ошибки макияжаIn the daytime make-up no need to use bright shades, but if you really want to highlight something, let it will be something only one. You should not blacken eyes and painted lips red lipstick at the same time, if you don’t go to a Gothic party in vampire. If you want to make expressive eye makeup, let lips are natural shade, which does not strike the eye color. If you choose juicy lips, emphasize the eyelids natural shadows, can use the path a little darker shadows, finish the eye makeup with mascara and stay on it.


The discordance shades

ошибки макияжаMakeup should be done in a single color. Retreat can do professional makeup artists who know about color harmony on the face, and in the course of deviations from the rules. If you create your own makeup, it is not necessary, firstly, to use too much color accents, not to be like a doll. Secondly, stick to cold or warm range depending on their color type.

Even a small deviation from this rule that you think is not critical, can be seen from the outside. For example, disharmonious look lipstick hot red shade with a cool pink blush or peach blush with plum lips. Be careful using eye makeup green shadows, always pay attention to the “temperature” of the color. Emerald shade cool, olive – warm, bright grass may be different, so carefully choose a shade of lipstick and blush to this eye makeup.


Mineral traces

Going to the exit, carefully use decorative cosmetics with minerals. You’ve probably seen pictures of celebrities with individuals as if dipped in flour. Actually this effect gives mineral makeup in duet with flash. At the party you can look great, but the whole “beauty” will then appear on the pictures. If you want to leave a more pleasant memories, careful attitude to mineral makeup.

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