подиумный макияжPodium make-up offers a number of options, from the most daring and difficult to natural and simple images. Some require collection of avant-garde and fantasy makeup other pay attention to other details of the image.

For make-up artist key role in working with models plays professionalism and speed. Sometimes on each model is allocated no more than 15-20 minutes, and during this time the wizard needs to perfectly apply quite difficult makeup. In the work of make-up to the shows incredibly smallest details matter, therefore, as a rule, podium make-UPS wizard in order to achieve the maximum effect prefer to create the most bright accent on the eyes or lips. Not less significant хайлайтерами and shadows, so as impressions often assume bright, theatrical lighting, which, as claimed by makeup artists, the third reduces the intensity of the color of any makeup.

подиумный макияжDo not forget that makeup for screenings should be «mobile», that is easily and quickly succumb to change (if required specific show). Despite the limited time, the technique of applying makeup must be perfect, because such a makeup should hold a few hours, to stand under bright lighting and painless survive several changes of outfits and hairstyles.

Developing makeup for the show, makeup artist draws attention to the mass of details on the specifics of the collection, its color gamut, the main theme of the show, a choice of styles, models, specifics of lighting, the amount of time the make-up and so on.

There are a number of most popular styles in stage makeup, makeup artists use.


Exquisite glamour

подиумный макияжFor screenings in glamour style makeup must be applied quickly, but to be functional and blameless in this style, the emphasis is on the eyes or lips, in some cases, especially specify both.

In eye makeup plays a special role technology lighten and darken the specific areas that can make the eyes visually larger and expressive. Blush, if the display does not imply the other, kept in soft muted colours. To create a dramatic and sophisticated image used as a base for make-up with the particles of pearls or a tone lighter in its natural color. To create deep and expressive glance use black eyeliner, false eyelashes, a thin line of white pencil on the lower eyelid and so on.

Lip line should look your best, especially if the image suggests lipstick dark and rich colours.


Pure and natural image

подиумный макияжFor summer or spring impressions often require natural or sunburned skin color. The overall gamma such make-up is sustained in soft colours, but in this case there are eyes, cheeks or lips. For the play of light makeup artists use a variety of хайлайтеры or funds with reflective particles.


Avant-garde and fantasy images

подиумный макияжAvant-garde makeup should be in harmony with the main idea of the show, with the style of the collection and hairstyles models. Traditionally avant-garde makeup for shows differs rich tones, professionals in this case, prefer to use the funds in liquid based, they are quickly washed off and allow a few seconds to change the image. An integral part of the fantasy makeup are glitter, using rhinestones and crystals.

Makeup models on the runway always looks elegant and perfectly, but from the runway images, each of us can take something for yourself and try to repeat it in everyday life.

For example, if you want to achieve the effect of perfectly clean skin, armed with консилером and high quality Foundation. Your goal is smooth and fresh complexion. Typically, the skin in the T-zone and on the cheeks differs greasy Shine, so there should be very carefully work. Консилером mask the dark circles under the eyes and carefully blend around the nostrils.

подиумный макияжYou probably noticed that the shows lips models often dyed bodily or beige lipstick. Why don’t you try this trendy trick? Lipstick pink or beige tones does not require precise contours, the main evenly apply it across the surface of the lips, filling even the most minor folds.

Of course, in everyday life not need to copy the complex and multi-color podium make-up for the eyes, it is important to remember, the less makeup on the eyes, the better. You need mascara, eyeliner and dull eyeshadow. By the way, mascara and eyeliner, play a pivotal role in the makeup eye for fashion shows. On the very edge of the century, on the upper lashes, draw the establishment of a rather thick line for deep dramatic look to move the internal and external eyelid black pencil. In order to lengthen the lashes and give them additional volume, apply two or three coats of mascara.

Eyebrow at the shows always the center of attention. Put the box from the shadows to the side, or use them to a minimum. Instead lightly sprinkle eyebrow hair spray and carefully brush up.

подиумный макияжThe effect of «porcelain» skin, will help to achieve beige blush and lightweight powder. However, it is important to follow the measure, otherwise you may look too pale.

Often the shows makeup artists intentionally make lips models «invisible», i.e. the General background makeup lips almost not allocated. For this purpose perfect pale beige or light-pink lipstick. The same effect can be achieved by driving the fingers lips in a small number of beige and Foundation highlighting pencil outline the skin color.

Each professional make-up artist has its own secrets of makeup every show and fashion collection requires new ideas, images and scenes, but, in order to look like a model, you do not have your own make-up artist. All you need is a good cosmetics, a little patience and practice.

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