History of the appearance of the sports style in clothes is undoubtedly connected with sport and goes to the ancient times. In the period of Hellenism, when the liberal authorities allowed to participate in the Olympic games for girls, they were wearing a short robe, belted at the hips. Baseball caps penetrated into sports fashion of American baseball. Most popular now, leggings are directly related to the speed skating, and tight pants first appeared on жокеях.
Characteristic features of the sport style
Вечно модный спортивный стиль1
If you are going to visit the boutique or sports Internet shop with the aim of replenishment of their wardrobe dress-Polo or ветровкой, remember that the clothing of the sport style is characterized by:

  • Free or a semi-fitting silhouette
  • Geometric ornament, a strip cell, logos, large mating
  • The presence of zippers, buttons, fasteners of the «Velcro», and other functional parts
  • Patch pockets, valves, finish-line
  • Natural and synthetic dense elastic fabrics (wool, denim, cotton, polyester, Jersey)
  • Diffuse forms: a combination surround sweater and tight trousers or jackets, trousers Marlene.
  • Accessories: large bags, rucksacks, belts, hats, caps

Sports style in the last shows

Couturiers and the audience in favor of the sports style. At the show the collection of the Victoria Beckham at new York bright accent little knitted «tennis» the dress of a skilled cut skirts and jackets.

The Russian Week of a Fashion key motives models Masha Kravtsova was a combination of elements of sports style with a length Maxi.
Вечно модный спортивный стиль2
Dasha gauzer, inspired by the art of the middle ages, presented a collection of dresses concise sport style, the colour of which is associated with clear lines of Gothic stained-glass Windows, pastel and dark-colored glasses.

Practical,comfortable, versatile clothing of the sport style is particularly relevant in our time, when promoted a dynamic, active lifestyle.

Article publication date: November 9, 2013

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