Are you concerned about the cuticle on the nails that it grows quickly and the wound chipped? Then mill or the European manicure is what you need. Its main difference is that the cuticle is not cut, and use specifics and lactic or fruit acid to remove it. This manicure can be done and men and children because it is non-traumatic and safe. There is no danger of cuts, infection and rapid regeneration of the cuticle.

If you decide to be from the classic manicure, you will need to follow some rules for the transition to the new method of nail care.

  • Outgrown cuticle do not use scissors. It should recover after edging manicure.
    Care for cuticles. Twice a day use oils and creams to nourish and moisturize.
    Find the best tool to remove the cuticle, you will be satisfied with.
  • Spend additional care procedures (paraffin, masks, trays). Optimal solution — 10 minute oil bath, for which the ratio of 1:1 mix olive oil and Apple cider vinegar.
  • Buy quality tools for nail Polish.

Observing these simple rules, you can very quickly bring their pens in order, covering them with a suitable varnish. Time has значение6 for busy women or young mothers, when the nose an important event and time for training is not enough. If the cake can be ordered (more info here), with the help of European manicure you’ll be able to quickly put himself in order.

The types of edging manicure

  1. Hot. Used in extremely rough cuticles, and hands. Is popular in the nail salons.
  2. Dry. While neobreznoy manicure no need to steam the skin. But sometimes allergic reactions are possible.
  3. Wet. This is the most common view of European art of nail care. The cuticle before removing softened with warm baths. This makes it easy to move in warm water.

The necessary equipment

Want to make such a manicure yourself? You will need the following:

  • cotton pads;
  • the tool to remove the cuticle;
  • ceramic, mineral or glass nail file;
  • plastic or silicone stick, which is used for moving away the cuticle;
  • oil slowing down the growth of cuticles;
  • hand cream;
  • towel;
  • bath (with water, liquid soap, sea moths, essential oils).


Use the nail file to shape the nail. It digea should be directed to the periphery of the nail from the centre. This is to avoid delamination and brittle nail plates.


For five minutes, soak your hands in water containers. After dry with a towel.

Removal of cuticle

Special tool to remove the cuticle and apply the nail base. After five minutes remove its remains from nails with a cotton pad. During this time the Horny layer of the cuticle will dissolve and the remainder must be carefully, using a stick to push to the root of the nail.

The application of oil

After removing the cuticles apply a special oil to slow its growth. If you can cover the nail varnish, degrease them in advance to stay longer.


  • Edging manicure has a number of positive aspects that distinguish it from the edged of technology.
  • Means for removing the cuticle contain in their composition substances that slow down its growth. This will allow you rarely resort to the manicure.
  • In the ordinary course of procedure often damaged the nail root, when edging technique this does not happen.
  • European manicure is completely free you from unpleasant and painful sensations that are possible with the classic manicure.
  • You will be able to get rid of hangnails forever.

But note that when a thick and tough cuticle this technique is not effective. The solution may be a combination of edging manicure with a classic.

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