вечерние платья 2014 ChloeDress for a special occasion is necessary for every woman who occasionally comes out and need something more than just casual clothes. Evening dresses 2014, fortunately for those who do not differ thrust to the solemn style, varied enough that allow not feel much difference between traditional dress for social outlet and a beautiful dress on every day. But if there is a desire to put on something special, options mass.


The main trends in the design of evening dresses 2014

вечерние платья 2014 Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

вечерние платья 2014 Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

  • Transparency. Flying, air tissue, which can hide what you need to hide from prying eyes reasons trendy bar but not wrapped his gorgeous figure in meters opaque organza – one of the main tendencies in evening dresses. Transparency tissue is very delicate, it does not give orders to fall in vulgarity, designers allow you to see the beautiful long legs under the skirt to the floor, increasingly remains open to the eyes of cleavage, which covered or chiffon lace inserts. In combination with lace, which continues in 2014 to be mega, transparency acquires a different status. It gives a woman in evening dress the style typical of the heroines red carpet paths.
вечерние платья 2014 Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

вечерние платья 2014 Sung Hee Elie Saab

Sung Hee, Elie Saab

  • Deep cuts. Cut on an evening dress is not an innovation of the year, and is well established fashion category, which is interpreted differently from season to season. In 2014’s a growing trend, which combines two of the section running from the edge of the skirt to the hip, and sometimes up to the waist. Bold trend “calms down” due to the combination with drapery, folds, which do not allow the dress from luxury to become vulgar, and in combination with years of design and shades such cuts allow to demonstrate a beautiful tan.
вечерние платья 2014 Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

вечерние платья 2014 Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

  • Hard frame skirt. It seems that designers are not a little nostalgic about fashion Baroque and Rococo, when the ladies wore dresses with very heavy skirts, rustling folds of expensive fabrics. Evening dresses 2014 also follow this trend, which is manifested in the combination of the hard frame skirt under which can be hidden or too narrow or wide hips. That trend doesn’t look old fashion couturier chose to cut high-low, high opening front feet, and frivolous prints or colored fabric. These gowns in their collections demonstrated Christian Dior, Oscar dela Renta, Rebecca Taylor.
вечерние платья 2014 Abed Mahfouz

Abed Mahfouz

вечерние платья 2014 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

  • Dresses with capes and Bolero. Bare shoulders and naked chest area is not always desirable and appropriate social events. In addition, they may be incompatible with climatic features. All this prompted the designers to develop the theme warming accessories that would be non-trivial fur capes and chiffon stoles. In the collection Haute couture and pret-a-porter increasingly seen dresses with a Bolero from the same cloth or clothes that are in design combine dress with a Cape or cloak. Such dresses with long and short sleeves, are present in the collections Abed Mahfouz, Ralph Lauren, Lela Rose.
вечерние платья 2014 Blumarine


вечерние платья 2014 Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham

  • The style of the seventies. Seventies, known for its thirst for free tailoring, prints and V-shaped cut in 2014 clearly manifested in evening dresses many fashion houses. The style of this era is perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of summer parties poolside or other activities that are not very strict dress code, and allow for a more relaxed image. Bright colors, interesting prints, deep neckline, lengthening the shape and spacious silhouette is the distinctive features of evening dresses collection of Ralph Lauren, Rachel Zoe, Jenny Packham.
вечерние платья 2014 Anna Sui

Anna Sui

вечерние платья 2014 Lela Rose

Lela Rose

  • The glow of gold. Gold soft, smooth, with embroidery, applique, tight shape or a freely flowing to shoes allow evening dresses 2014 to implement women’s dreams about the most luxurious in the direct sense of radiant image for social events. A delightful combination of gold with the applications presented the Anna Sui, discreet lustre dress with pleated skirt and long sleeve preferred Blumarine, minimalism outfit from Lela Rose complements transparent black top.
вечерние платья 2014 Temperley London

Temperley London

вечерние платья 2014 Valentino


  • Long sleeve. Dress long sleeve popular for the second year in a row, both for everyday use and for social events. Last year, the designers chose a more modest solutions that long sleeve evening dress was combined with the adjacent cut and minimalist decor. In 2014 such dresses, finally, became full members of fashion carnival, which allowed everything that is not prohibited. Long sleeve evening dresses 2014 easily get along with Drapes, deep neckline, floral prints and applications, shining metallized fabrics.


Colors of evening dresses 2014

вечерние платья 2014 Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

вечерние платья 2014 Lela Rose

Lela Rose

Red and its many shades are the designers of evening dresses unquestioned authority thanks to the self-sufficiency of bright colors. Burgundy wine, cherry hues are also widely presented. Still popular blue, as in the noble dark variant, the Royal cobalt and lighter versions, which combine perfectly with shiny fabrics. To trend nude, which embodies tenderness and romanticism, slowly selected muted purple. This shade surprisingly restrained and effectively looks close to their “colleagues” – beige, cream, soft khaki, gray-brown.

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