вечерние платья 2014Evening gown has a special place in the wardrobe of any woman. These models differ from everyday luxury decoration, the finest materials which are weightless cloud envelops figure. They can be dense, heavy, leaving a barely audible whisper organza, taffeta and other tissues. Evening dresses 2014 to comply with all the same features, which are characteristic of casual dresses this season. There is still the same femininity, craving to retro-form and long-held views of the cut.


Ethnic motifs

Ethnics many seasons in a row occupies its niche in the new fashion trends, but before it is manifested mainly in everyday clothes. Evening dresses with ethnic features in the collections of major Russian regions were rare and were the exception. In 2014 it is becoming the norm, and now evening dresses with ethnic print or authentic cut, reminding chaste East tunic is the new fashion for special events.

вечерние платья 2014 Valentino


Most clearly this trend was manifested in the collection Valentino spring-summer 2014. Italian brand has offered women to dress in a beautiful dress, the length of which often cover the entire foot. Its ethnic evening dresses made of dense fabric with rich embroidery and prints, and of translucent fabric with lace motifs.


Strict geometric lines

Alternatively long dresses made from the finest fabrics is right opposite trend. This evening dresses with hard lines that attracts attention of architectural forms and dense opaque solid tissues. Avant-garde style found myself in the evening of fashion, what happened fortunately for young women, which are alien to the classics in its canonical interpretation.

вечерние платья 2014 Dsquared


Well this trend shows in the spring-summer collection 2014 Dsquared, where minimalism and simplicity of design are combined with originality and call in the form of asymmetry and volumes.


Long sleeve – elegant sexy

Dress long sleeve massively appeared in the major trends in the collections of 2013 goal. In 2014 this trend continues, of course, in evening dress, too. Now, in order to look feminine, stylish, solemnly, no need to open hands that only pleases women, that they may be far from ideal. Evening dresses long sleeve emphasize the appeal, in contrast with the excessive openness, showing how attractive it might be a mystery. Popular designers as tight sleeves that completely cover the arm to the wrist and decoration fabrics are no different from the General material dresses and transparent sleeves. Can be fitted and more spacious, exquisitely transparent because of the lightest tulle, taffeta or feminine lace.

These evening dresses can be found in the collections of Valentino, Alberta Ferretti and many other designers.

вечерние платья 2014 Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti


Timeless classics

What can be considered classics in full evening dress? This floor-length, light fabrics, plenty of draperies on the skirt, and the form of «mermaid». It’s the details that are associated with femininity, which is hard to resist. In this dress any woman with rare exception feels an irresistible.

Italian designer Alberta Ferretti from year to year is one of the main suppliers of evening dresses celebrity red carpet tracks and other significant events. Her style is refined femininity, which is manifested in connection tenderness fabrics and expressive actual finish. So in 2014 in the collection Alberta Ferretti again weightless translucent dress with applications, delicate finish or lace and indispensable draperies and folds.

The cut «mermaid» was back in fashion just a couple of seasons ago, and before that was considered obsolete. Evening dress mermaid will give the opportunity to be at the peak of fashion wave, staying feminine and mild, moreover, highlighting their forms. Dress with a «tail» was used in many collections, and one of the most ambitious was the brand J. Mendel. In the models of this label combined form «mermaid», ethnic motives, ajour and translucency.

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