вечерние платья для полных женщинBeautiful evening dresses for larger women to find not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Modern boutiques offering a variety of models for different body types, and you can easily find what suits your figure with all its advantages and disadvantages. No matter whether you are going on solemn event or cocktail party with a less formal dress code, your full figure is not a hindrance in order to look luxurious.


Major mistakes

Evening out for many women, especially if it is rare and welcome, is the excuse to wear what they would wear in everyday life, for example, dress with glitter, glittery fabric or with shiny embroidery. Full women should not be abused by the lights that are always visually makes the figure even more. Need to stop for brushed tissues, compensating for the severity of the lines prints, or choose a model non-trivial cut.

Great temptation also consists of choosing the dress very loose-fitting, which should be hidden from prying eyes all figure flaws. In reality, the woman in dimensionless baggy dress looks stylish and shapeless. Remember that the adjacent silhouette dress is able to make the completeness aesthetically pleasing, and do not be lazy to choose for themselves the right to cut and play with prints and accessories.


Color for evening dresses

Dark matte fabric become a basic need for evening dresses plus size. The most simple and neutral variants – black, dark blue, inky purple, deep emerald, Burgundy, and plum. Bright local color for evening dresses is also possible and even preferable, if you are a bright contrasting color type. So juicy red, Royal blue, grass green shades hit in the eye, but do not allow to pay attention to figure flaws, which are skillfully hidden.

The power of contrasts in dress for fat women is that using them is very simple to take attention from one part of the body, bringing him another. Evening dresses with a striking bodice and black skirt will help hide wide hips, if you choose a model with an attractive skirt and bodice neutral tone and cut, you will be able to take the views from the fullness of the arms and bust.


Evening dresses – the basic rules

Elegant dresses for larger women is not a dress with elaborate details and flashy prints. The woman with the forms need to bet on elegance and individuality, and for that perfect dress of adjacent silhouette with a moderate V-neckline which elongates the figure vertically, giving harmony. When expressed problems waist is better to stay on the model with the smell, the fullness of the arms will hide or flared three quarter length sleeves or a light jacket, or elegant evening Bolero.

Cocktail dresses for fat women are subject to the same rules cut, except for the requirements to the length. Cocktail dresses knee length, you’ll need shoes with high heel and moderate platform. You can base the style of 60’s neck boat, short sleeves or opt for a modern model with a peplum waist which will draw a better line silhouette.


Greek style

Dresses in the Greek style is very diverse in the types of cut, and for women they are widely used as evening. Their undoubted advantage in thin flowing fabrics that drape in different ways, depending on the needs of the figure. One of the simplest options of this evening dress – black, brown or dark blue long dress with a gold rim, which is in contrast refocus and distract attention from the fuller figure.


Sheer sleeves

Dress with transparent sleeves perfect for a night out and cocktail, and it’s perfectly suited to women who want to disguise the hands. Matte Foundation is combined with transparent sleeves made of fine chiffon, tulle or lace material, and you will not be embarrassed hands full. This technique is good for both young girls and Mature women, which differ in the plain area of the forearm.


The sleeves are Dolman

Dresses with sleeves in the style of “die Fledermaus” are ideal for evening attire. This style is viewed as a Greek handwriting and style simple summer tunic, so such a dress can look for any figure and any dress code. These dresses, as a rule, connect the sleeve Dolman deep V-neck, so figure looks very different – all the drawbacks of the upper body adjusted.

If the waist allows you to stay on the dress with a dedicated her field, if not, and you need to hide your stomach, choose a model in Empire style, with a high line, located under the breast.


Feminine lace

The lace gives the dress a special character. Light gives a romantic nature, tending to lightness and femininity, black is associated with passion, color – with creativity and unconventional style. Lace dress is perfect for evening and cocktail of the woman, as it bites into the body and diverts your attention with its fashionable designs.

Beware the straightness of the nature of any lace dresses, and you put it in your parts. Choose a dress with lace trim on the bodice, sleeves. Black lace may be a top coating on bottom brushed fabric for evening or cocktail dresses. This fabric is as similar colour with lace and differs from it, contrasting. For example, always looks beautiful evening dressin black lace which is lined with flesh tone, creating the effect of Nude skin.

For an evening or cocktail dress to complete any style and design you need to choose shoes with high but stable heel, refusing hazardous studs or shoes artsy design, as well as with heavy platforms and wedges.

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