вечерний макияж со стрелкамиArrows can transform any makeup, especially if it is intended for a special occasion. Evening makeup arrow the image attached to a dramatic, piquancy, sexuality and note of the retro style, which goes out of fashion for many years. Many women refuse to expressive broad arrow, preferring them to the little eyeliner. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste, and such effects are not all.

However, there are those who do not dare to create a beautiful image of the arrow just because they do not know the best way to paint them, queried the appropriateness of such make-up and whether this style to the selected color range of decorative cosmetics.


The content and form of

For beautiful arrows need good resistant liners, which can be a different texture and release form. The simplest and most familiar – a pen, which is easily applied and recommended for novice users to perfect their skills. Pencil you can make smooth the arrows to highlight the evening make-up «smoky eyes», because for a smoky option heavy liners liquid texture better not use it.

For expressive arrows rich black color, you can apply the liquid liner with a solid applicator. To put such arrows harder. If everything does not go to paint a beautiful arrow, it is recommended to take liner with a felt tip. It is similar to an ordinary pencil, but gives a more beautiful and stylish arrow, which will decorate the evening makeup.

Harder to create arrows, if you want to use liquid liner with a soft thin brush. May require long-term training, but the result is worth the time and expectations. Broad arrow, which stands in the century, underlined light shadows will become a decoration of a festive image.

The most difficult is considered evening make-up arrow affixed creamy or liquid gel liner from the jar. For this we need to learn how to use the finest tassel, which is an indispensable tool for such make-up.

For beginners who are afraid to create arrows brushes or graceful applicators, there is one simple output. This evening makeup black shadows, which are dry or with a small amount of moisture. These may be ordinary compact or friable shadow or special drawing arrows. Enjoy a workout, causing the arrow wet soft applicator or a stiff brush with oblique NIB, drawing a line along the lash line.


Types of arrows for the evening make-up

  • Retro-clockwise. Classic evening make – retro-style in the spirit of the fifties. Usually it combines a bright red lipstick and broad black arrow affixed on the eyelid, covered with bright shades. The person must not Shine, preferably select the tone matting effect. For such arrows should take liquid liner.

Create the right framework for age using the primer, then apply a matte eye shades nude or pearl and begin creating a shooter. Dip the brush in the liner, put his elbow on the table, cover your eyes, slightly pull the outer corner of your finger and start to smooth line very close to the lash line, slightly taking it for a natural finish lines century. Tip must be sharp, but not very bent. With this make-up arrow better rather to declare only the eyelid.

  • The arrows in the three-dimensional and smoky make-up. If you create a classic three-dimensional or smoky eye makeup for the evening, then you should stand on the peaceful arrows, made in pencil, which do not affect the corners of his eyes. Arrows can be applied both to impose shadows and after, and this is due to the need to mitigate their kind, and not to overload. Armed with a soft black, gray, dark-purple, brown, or green pencil, carefully draw a line, trying to repeat the shape of the lash line, but the label only ¾ century from the outside.

If your goal is sloppy makeup, which can be done on the youth party, you can mark the outline of your eyes, spilling a thin shining the contour line with the shadows are drawn by the technique of «smoky eyes». If there is water resistant liner and eye carry makeup without allergies, draw a line on the inside of the century on the mucous membrane. It creates the effect of a deep expressive glance.

  • Shocking makeup – bright violations. Women who are brave enough to Express themselves, can create a non-trivial evening image using the arrows. You will need a color or black-white liner. The secret is in the arrow, adding only the lower eyelid. For this eye makeup, you should choose a calm tone shading, and texture of the liner is not as important as its color. Looks very impressive evening make-up with lower arrows turquoise or bright green color, which emphasize any eye color, making it more expressive. The most brave ladies can try all the charm of a theatrical make-up, that often used during show. Arrows connect both the black and white color – black denotes the standard line, and white lies on the mucous enlargement of the eyes.

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