вечерний макияж для блондинокIt is believed that blondes have to be much more restrained in bursts, when do makeup, and there is a great truth. Owner blond hair and transparent porcelain skin need to be very conscious when you create the evening of the image that is almost always differs from the day saturation of colors and expressiveness. Evening make-up for blondes can be as bright and passionate, and concise, in pastel colours. What’s right for you – choose from.

Blonde blonde strife, and what suits one owner of the stacks of wheat not suitable another. The thing цветотипе, as the blonde could be with warm honey-coloured, Golden tint, with ash coating, a pearly glow or cocky platinum nuance. For all of these variations may be a different color eyes, that again dictates opportunities color deviations for centuries in one or another color. Not to be confused mass versions evening make-up for the fair-haired can be an example of this or that celebrity and her makeup on secular outputs.


Evening make-up for blondes cold color type

Cold цветотип characterized by ash shade of hair with eyes of grey, blue, blue-green, gray-green or bright translucent green hue. But it is only a scheme, the eyes may be brown. The most outstanding representatives of the color type is Sarah Jessica Parker, Kara Delevin, Natalia Vodianova, Gemma ward, Natasha Poly, Jennifer aniston.

вечерний макияж для блондинок Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

вечерний макияж для блондинок Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Summer цветотип normally needs discreet make-up, and for the evening, as a rule, do not make exceptions. They are possible, but only under certain data, for example, if the eyes are rather big and expressive nature. If they are rather narrow, deep, heavy eye makeup in the style of «smoky eyes» is not decorate such blonde, making the image of the vulgar.

Make-up for the evening woman cold summer color type with blond hair can do with the shining bronze tone. A person must be frosted, you can add a little sensitive lights cheekbones. Blush – neutral shades, low-key peach or candy-pink.

вечерний макияж для блондинок Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

вечерний макияж для блондинок Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly

The eyes can emphasize smoky appliances using shadow gray-brown palette. The emphasis in the eye makeup so blondes perfect as a small amount of white color as a pearl of shadows or pencil in the inner corner of the eye or on the lower eyelid. Dress in light shades with expressive radiance can emphasize a combination of white liner on the eyes, on the contour of the lips and the small number of the highlighter.

Excellent contrast combinations that produce eye color, create liners electric shades of green and blue to calm the basis of Matt shadows nude and extension of the carcass. Focus grey and blue eyes can shades of brown shadows of moderate brightness, green eyes perfectly will underscore the violet shadows. A kind of pop-art eyes blondes requires a relaxing makeup lip, which is enough to add a little natural flicker.


Evening make-up for blondes warm color type

Blonde warm color type – girl-spring. It can be blue, gray or green eyes, but the hair usually or Golden wheat, or with honey modulations. In contrast to the muted cold summer, warm spring цветотип more vivid. For many, this would cause a rush for the rich tones to create the evening make-up, but here it is necessary to do without extremes. Spring blondes, as a rule, is not suitable expressive makeup, which will override the beauty of their natural data.

вечерний макияж для блондинок Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

вечерний макияж для блондинок Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Women, evening make-up you can safely taken on Board: Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Blake lively. Look closely at secular images of these celebrities – most likely you will find a few examples of «smoky eyes»make-up with dark mural, bright lipstick or saturated shades of shadows. Makeup artists these blondes know their business.

The most appropriate shades of shadows for the evening make-up blondes warm color type – all shades of brown, but without gloomy specks of gray, which will make the image of a dark and dull. Very nice Golden shades of eye shadows, which are combined with the warmth of hair, and soft shades of green. Muted olive shadows fit кареглазым blondes.

To make eyes at night to emphasize the outer corner of the eye a darker shade of green-brown. Nut and light green eyes was well tolerated in a graceful smoky make-up, which often at social events demonstrates actress Kate Hudson. Cameron Diaz regularly emphasizes his bright blue eyes, a thin black liner or eyeliner on the lower eyelid blue shades.

вечерний макияж для блондинок Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

вечерний макияж для блондинок Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Regarding the makeup of the lips, here the rules remain unshakeable – spring blondes not even worth the output painting her lips bright. The standard of restraint evening makeup for blondes warm type serves actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Her eyelids always underlined very minimal, the emphasis is on long eyelashes and graceful eyeliner in the upper eyelid. Cheeks faintly touched muted neutral Rouge, like lips, underlined natural pink lipstick. Lip makeup can be made soft pearly pink glitter, but without the glossy effect, or moisturizing lipstick warm soft reddish-brown shades.

Classic make-up «smoky eyes» in Matt gray-black color scheme looks very impressive on girls with platinum hair. It is well suited for young girls who have a flawless porcelain skin of the face and without flaw. For such make-up in rock style is to abandon blush, бронзеров and other toning tools that distract from the contrast of white skin and hair and daring look.

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