вечерний макияж для серых глазOwner gray eyes real lucky. They can perform makeup in countless colors, true colors and subtle neutral version, makeup with broad arrow, rich deep smoky eyes or style metallic. There are few possibilities, that categorically does not fit for сероглазых. But preparing to make the evening smoky gray eyes should take into account not only the color of the eye and hair color, and shape of the eyes and additional shades, which are present in the iris.


Evening make-up for clear gray eyes

Clean, very bright gray eyes that look translucent, occur rarely and always look amazing. Most often, these eyes are combined with ash shade of hair light or medium-light brown color. When such data is not suitable technique that eyelids densely covered with bright or dark shades of shadows. The optimal variant the evening make-up for bright gray eyes – one-dimensional makeup with grey shadows with light pearl shimmer.

Make the image more expressive help thin liner pencil-gray tint, which denotes the entire path of the eye. The emphasis in this make-up can create one by adding at the inner corner of the eye shadows, light gray or white with a cold metallic Shine. They «support» eye shade, emphasizing its uniqueness.


Evening make-up for gray-blue eyes

This type is much more common and has a number of advantages. Depending on clothing and make-up these eyes may look приглушеннее or brighter. Of course, many girls can’t resist and visually make of his gray-blue eyes bright blue. In the evening make-up to achieve this is easy. First, you need to have an outfit blue hue, and secondly, to emphasize forever blue shadows, and better liner on the lower eyelid.

Gray-blue eyes struck up a new way, if you use shades of blue tint. To make them visually become richer, it is necessary to apply a shadow not only on the upper eyelid, but to define the lower path. Very nice similar style at the winter parties, for example, for a meeting of New year. If you are invited to an event in summer, which allows brightness in the style of pop art, no doubt, take a pencil with a shimmering effect of sky-blue, turquoise, azure hue and slide it straight line across the contour of the lower eyelid.

Looks great evening make-up blue-gray eyes with shadows warm shades. Peach, coral, Golden shade of ochre, terracotta – all these colors can transform a grey-blue eyes, making a look alive, and the image of the brave. Especially advantageous such a makeup looks combined with a dress with a metallic shimmer.


Evening make-up for gray-green eyes

Gray-green eyes have a special appeal. The presence of the green shade of the iris opens to the owner of such eyes new opportunities for the evening make-up, which have no representatives of other type gray eyes.

For example, the presence of green allows to do makeup, not only in emerald green, olive, earthy hues, but also profitable and contrasting combine eye shade of pink and purple. For evening image is the traditional color of shadows, which are usually well suited to representatives of the color type «Cold winter».

As gray-blue eyes, grey-green perfectly combines with light-natural shades of brown, for example, milk-beige, and with a more colorful versions of the code, for example, salmon, Buffy and other shades of orange.

Gray-green eyes allow you to create beautiful, stylish, non-trivial evening make-up simultaneously concise and original. For example, you can overlay on all upper eyelid gray shadows with mother-of-pearl glow, bottom noted shade of green in the tone of the eyes their color will become much brighter.

Another simple and effective way to do gray-green eyes, it noted dark emerald pencil inner part of the lower eyelid mucosa. By itself, color pencil will not look too flashy, but the tint eyes sparkle.


To take an example of the evening makeup for gray eyes

A lot of celebrities has gray eyes, and among them you are sure to find the one who will inspire you to create your own images evening.

Transparent gray eyes of French actress mesland Laurent, who likes to experiment with evening makeup styles, selecting including smoky eyes.

Gray-blue eyes in the Hollywood blondes Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten dunst that the output is most often chosen by warm beige tones of shadows, not refusing from pink.

вечерний макияж для серых глаз Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent

вечерний макияж для серых глаз Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent

Grey eyes Olivia Wilde, actress likes to emphasize them as thin arrows and a faint silvery shadows and pink and purple versions and dense gray-black haze.

Another winner gray eyes singer Katy Perry, which is not prone to the classical manner and loves to shock, often chooses retro makeup with very wide sharp points, as well as traditional smoky makeup with silvery shimmering.

Super popular young star Jennifer Lawrence has a bright gray eyes that can change color depending on makeup. This allows a actress to try different types evening make-up, but mostly with warm hues and thin arrows that distinguish her eyes even more, making them more expressive.

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