вечерний макияж своими рукамиMake an evening make-up with their hands easy, but for those who have never practiced in application of saturated textures and combining bright and deep shades it might seem a daunting task. Rules of the evening makeup almost do not differ from the techniques makeup day, but when overlaying it is worth considering a few nuances that are important for building the evening of output image.

Many women who can afford the services of a professional stylists and visagistes, have the pleasure to make evening make-up at home the hands of a specialist. Such a luxury available only to a small number of those who regularly attends various kinds of events where you want to create a beautiful stylish make-up. Evening make-up at home to do not difficult, the main thing is the right tool, compliance with laws color type and knowledge of his person, and, of course, a technique of applying evening make-up, which have their own peculiarities.


How to make an evening make-up

Technique evening make-up is largely dependent on experience but it does not mean that newcomers. The main thing to observe all stages, not to neglect the advice on the choice of cosmetics цветотипу and have the opportunity to apply makeup in daylight. It is better to have portable mirror to sit by the window.

Rules of application of the evening makeup easier to observe if you selected good means of decorative cosmetics. In this case, is very important texture, the choice of which largely depends on the skin type, the specific structure of the entity and established skills in drawing.

  • Cleansing. Before накладыванием of decorative cosmetics to thoroughly clean the skin, saving her from the dead particles. Use non-aggressive scrubbing, which needs to be washed off by cool water to the skin is not flushed.
  • Application basis. On dry face, apply a primer base with the effect of hydration of the skin: he will prepare for applying cosmetics. Shadow primer usually goes separately. Spread the basis across the face with a thin layer, wait for it to dry.
  • Alignment of tone and correction. Armed with a dense консилером and a thin layer put his percussive instruments movements with shading on problem areas. To disguise bruises under eyes generally well suited tool with yellow base to hide redness on the face, you should not take anti-corrector with a green shade. Make sure that the tool has no visible boundaries of the drawing, then you can apply tonal basis.
  • Touch tone cream, mousse or fluid apply a thin layer, watching the shading of the borders of the contour of the face and the chin. Do not apply the same tone cream on neck, it is usually the neck and face a different shade of skin. Better to try to discreetly blend liquid Foundation on the face under his chin, as if it is supposed to open decollete evening attire, you can think of shimmering powder-tanning on this area.
  • Eye makeup. How to make a evening make-up eyes – what technique you choose? All depends on the skin type, skills and structure of the face. Smoky eye makeup is not suitable for people with deep-set, small eyes, not always good for the Asian section.



If you are going on a summer event and you need a lighter version of make-up for the evening, it seems to do the shadows-mousse or cream and liquid, which can be applied even without applicator. They give centuries flicker, beautiful metallic or pearl brilliance and without clear boundaries application. Be careful if your eyelids припухлые, in this case, the lights should be avoided, giving preference to a matte eye makeup. Application of the cream shadows requires a prior application Matt crumbly powder under the eyes to showered particles can be easily brush away with a wide brush.



Liquid or pencil liner is also a matter of taste and experience. For almond-shaped eyes large size with retro-make-up can make use of the liquid liner, confidently pursuing a hard line as close as possible to the eyelashes, securing elbow on the support. Liquid arrow to draw after imposed shadows. If you choose the classic pencil, which is easy to shade, joining line with the natural contours of the eyes, you can print it and before you put a shadow, receiving more natural effect of expressive makeup.



Mascara is always applied on your lashes, when the eye makeup is completely ready. If you decide to create the effect of artificial eyelashes, twisting their tweezers, keep in mind that this is done before applying mascara. Armed with tweezers, press the eyelashes, retreating from the roots. You can give them a bend in about half of the length or on the tips. Hold eyelashes pressed about ten to fifteen seconds, after which you can apply mascara.

Curly lashes, especially when pre-made smoky eye makeup, normally do not need a large number of carcasses. Slow zigzag movements brush carefully прокрашивайте cilia from the roots, avoiding lumps on the tips. To paint over the cilia around the eyes, you can use the ink with a brush in the form of a ball.

Important: to ink kept on the eyelashes, they should be well-greased, especially if you applied the shadow of a creamy texture. You can do this by gently pushing their cotton disc, wetted in a small amount of liquid for removing eye make-up. After that, let the lashes a little dry, and above can apply some compact powder.



Blush in ordinary life are not mandatory for makeup, but it was in the evening women try not to neglect their effect. Choose compact blush for classical evening make-up, if you need a light make-up, beating liquid semi-transparent textures. If you are experienced enough in applying the different textures of decorative cosmetics, try blush-stick, which are applied without contact with hands.

Gently pull your cheeks and put a blush in the area between the highest point of the cheekbones and depression – it gives a more natural result compared the effect of the designation only of the depression or the cheekbones. Thoroughly blend the blush, blurring the boundary of application. If you think that color too much, gently blot cheekbones are slightly wet.


Lip makeup

Before painting lips, they must necessarily be rid of dead skin particles using a scrub. On dry colorless lips, apply a thin layer of primer, allow it to dry, then you can start to apply lipstick or gloss.

Lip pencil, if you choose to use it, must match the tone and shade of lipstick, in extreme cases, be the tone is darker, but not contrast with it, as worn in the nineties. Select the pencil with soft tip, start applying it from the corners of the lower lip, connecting lines in the middle. The contour of the upper lip start denoted with a «tick». To increase the lips visually quite retreat from the natural line of the lips one millimeter. If the pencil enough of a soft texture, natural looking makeup of its contour can be immediately shade inside, facilitating the application of lipstick or gloss.

Lipstick-stick for the evening make-up best applied with a brush. If the texture is creamy lipstick and tool provides applicator, you can use it, trying not to go for the lips. That lipstick is not has been stamped on the teeth after applying the облизните finger, folding her lips, eliminating cosmetics, which can remain deeply on the mucous membrane. The matte finish as the final touch, you can put a drop of clear gloss in the middle, then gently spread it applicator or slightly closing the lips.

The new tool, evening make – lacquer lip. This tool has a radiance and a high resistance and applied as lip gloss, applicator.

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