вечерний макияж пошаговоEven the easiest evening make-up requires compliance with a number of rules that may be unknown to the girls, inexperienced in matters of cosmetics. Makeup that is created for the occasion, wedding, party, to attend, and should look impeccable, because surely the event will take pictures. If you have not complied with this makeup, and now invited for an important event, which can’t refuse? Have to learn to do evening makeup step by step, and you will have no trouble create an unforgettable image.

Evening make-up: master-class expertise of the person

Step 1. Cleansing

вечерний макияж пошаговоMake-up for the evening requires a perfect skin, brilliant tone and lack of any defects, dead skin particles, blackheads and other imperfections. Great it would be to prepare the skin for the event in advance, for example, for a week of using medicinal cosmetics or visit a beautician for the effective pore cleansing and smoothing. In any case, if gather learn to do the evening make-up stages, before накладыванием decorative cosmetics you need to prepare the skin.

  • Wash with soft gel, eliminating the oiliness.
  • Apply on the skin scrub with rounded abrasive particles, which removes dead skin cells, allowing the skin to breathe easily massage, focusing on the area of the black points. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a towel.
  • Apply a refreshing tonic with матирущим effect, preventing unnecessary excretion of fat.

Step 2. Application basics

The basis for the evening make-up is very important, because of its quality depends on how well lies cosmetics, and how long it will stay. If you have dry skin, your choice of a moisturizer if your skin is normal or combination, you can use the primer, which softens and smoothes the skin, narrowing of pores and will secure our position key tool. Forever apply a special database for centuries, which will form a shadow.  

Step 3. Masking

вечерний макияж пошаговоWhatever the makeup that you plan to do for the evening, bright or natural pastel shades, the skin should look perfect. It is unacceptable redness, pimples, circles under the eyes. Need a proofreader tone or concealer, which will eliminate visible defects.

Blue or purple circles under the eyes hide tool yellow base if necessary masking areas of rosacea, choose a point stick coating with green basis. It is important that remedial tools easily растушевывались, had good coverage, which is not uncover the problem under the tone means, but it looks natural. Choose the texture with the presence of light-reflecting particles. Shade proofreaders have with your fingers or with a sponge.

Evening make-up: step by step instructions

Step 1. Liquid Foundation

вечерний макияж пошаговоImperfections already disguised, so there is no need for the evening to choose a concealer dense consistence. Choose liquid fluid, which coincides with the shade of your skin. If it is cold shades – pink shade, if the warm – warm sand. Carefully shade border application tone, help with rubber sponge, which, if necessary, absorbs surplus funds.

In conclusion, a person can get wet powder with a light matte effect.

Step 2. Eye makeup

Performing evening make-up eyes step by step, you need to follow a sequence of actions. If you break it, tragedy, of course, will not happen, but there is a risk that the tool will be bad to hold on and messed after a short time. Any master class of the evening makeup will remind you of the unbreakable rule: apply cosmetics to top-down. So, first of eyebrows, then eyes, then blush and lip.


вечерний макияж пошаговоEyebrow need to adjust for makeup to cosmetics’t get into fresh mikroranki. Before make-up age indicate eyebrows Matt shadows on the tone lighter, not to make an image of rude, but emphasize the bending line and remove all visible gaps between hairs.


Shadows applied to the eyelids, according to the technique, which is more suitable to your type of person, with the means of decorative make-up, which are needed by your skin or to which you are more accustomed to.

One-dimensional eye makeup

For a one-dimensional makeup need the shade of one shade.

  • Apply a shadow on the brush or applicator and cover them and small dabs of all moving the upper eyelid, not reaching up to the eyebrows, and only passing the border of the folds of a few millimeters.
  • Border blend finger or clean with a sponge.

Such equipment are the most suitable compact shadow of a silky texture with a graceful mother-of-pearl glow. A similar makeup is good tsenitelnits simple and unpretentious images for the New year. This technique will allow to create makeup in the style of the twenties, if you use shadows of dark shades.

Makeup with retro-arrows

вечерний макияж пошаговоThe essence of such make-up – eyelids and dramatic arrows. To emphasize the expressiveness of the arrows, you can cover all mobile eyelid Matt or bright shadows with a barely noticeable silk lights.

Spread the shade throughout the mobile age, little by accessing the area of the inner corner of the eyes, and let the shadows a bit «seize»if you select the liquid texture.

Apply a smooth arrow, which lasts a long time, will help the felt liner.

  • Fix elbow on a horizontal pole.
  • Close your eyes and pull the skin of the finger to the surface of the century was flat and smooth.
  • Put the liner to the inner corner of the eye as close as possible to the lash line.
  • One line enter the arrow towards the outer corner of the eye, continuing on 3-5 mm beyond. The arrow can be slightly tapered, directly or original converging.
  • If the line you have gleams with intact skin, it is easy to paint the same felt-tip.
  • Complete makeup mascara with подкручивающим and extending effect.

Three-dimensional and smoky eye makeup

вечерний макияж пошаговоIf you are planning a more complex eye makeup that will make your look expressive, and the image of memorable one, with your choice of three-dimensional makeup. This can be smoky or makeup technique in 3D, in any case need three shades of shadows.

If you decide to do makeup «smoky eyes», choose a shade of three tones of the same color. Classic Smokey eye gray, purple, green. If your choice is a three-dimensional makeup may have a shade of different shades, which are applied to the eyelid on the same principle.

  • Brush, apply to the entire eyelid lightest shade as the basis and well spread it, shading abroad folds.
  • Take the shadows darker tone or contrasting tones, which marks the mid-zone of the eyelids and растушевывается next 2/3 century on the outer corner of the eye. Optionally, you can identify these shadows fold separating superior eyelid from stationary.
  • Put the applicator on the darkest shadows, which can serve as a substitute for the vessel. Caution обрисовывайте shadows these outer corner of the eye, touching and upper and lower eyelid, shading and gently removing excess of shadows that could crumble.
  • Eyeliner – finishing touch three-dimensional makeup. In smoky technique it is drawn with the pencil, which repeats the line drawing of the darkest shadows. In the multi-colored evening make-up is permissible effect of pop art, which eyeliner color and means only the line of the lower eyelid.
  • Mascara – lash gray or brown – the final stage of eye makeup in a three-dimensional technique.

Step 3. Designation of relief with the arrangement of accents

вечерний макияж пошаговоLessons evening make-up, which is done by professional makeup artists, are inconceivable without the sculptural techniques. After the completion of eye makeup is necessary to put blush or work with a shift of light and shadows on the face, which will create the effect of a sculpture makeup.

If you have chosen technique of the three-dimensional eye make-up or broad arrow in the style of the fifties, then you should do only with a blush.

  • Dial on natural compact blush brush, shake off the excess, tapping her on the back of your hand.
  • Gently pull your cheeks move brush diagonally slightly below the top of the cheekbones, observing the short amplitude. Should not draw a line blush from the tip of the nose to the ears.

If you are staying for one-dimensional eye makeup, slightly stressed their shadows shining texture and case does not exclude the lights and the effect of sunburn in the evening make-up, try to create a beautiful sculptural makeup using затемняющего bronzer and высветляющего highlighter. Both products can be produced in different forms: in the form of liquid in a tube, in a compact box, in solid statistics, in рассыпчатом form. Choose the right tool for your skin. First applied hightlight, then bronzer.

  • Mark хайлайтером forehead, the back of the nose, the area under the eyes and the front of the chin. Surplus funds Pat.
  • Indicate which darkens powder facial contour, while focusing the ears, the contour of the lower jaw, if it is the nature wide cheekbones depression. If necessary mask the second chin.

Step 4. Lip makeup

вечерний макияж пошаговоLip makeup is the final chord in creating the evening of the image. Lips can emphasize wet gloss, lipstick creamy nutritional texture natural shades or varnish lip saturated shades of red.

If you choose the classic version of makeup, you may need contour pencil, which perfectly matches the shade of lipstick.

  • Apply on the lips hardening tool, better professional primer, allow it to dry.
  • Pencil, draw the contour of the lips, ranging from a «tick»stepping to the corners.
  • Go to the lower lip, starting draw a path from the corners, carefully combining two lines into one in the middle.
  • Slightly soften the lips skin, moving the line inside.
  • Tassel start to put lipstick on the lips very thin layer, making short strokes horizontally.
  • Промакивать lips together, you смажете makeup.

In conclusion, do not forget to correct the flaws makeup and wet skin матирующей powder. Evening image is ready.

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