вечерние туникиThe tunic is firmly established in the summer of everyday closet women, but on closer examination it appears that she was not limited. Stylish, extra long, dark elegant colors, combined with shining clutches, the tunic can completely replace an evening dresses and blouses. Evening tunics are perfect for a leisurely spending time in the open air in the hours of the summer sunsets, parties around the pool with a cocktail or for unrestrained discos with energetic dancing.


Evening tunic dress – fashion a new favorite

Beautiful long evening dress will always be a favorite models for women, who used to lead a secular life. But, fortunately, is not the only possible one. At Tunick has a number of advantages before dresses if you want to “go to the people”, and to wear the classic evening dress, which are often tight and open, does not allow the figure.

In addition, there is another factor that explains the growing love for tunics for social events. Dress, long or short, has established a way that allows you to dictate manners and behavior. With the tunic is another story. As a matter of everyday wardrobe, and if you look deep into centuries, the thing purely practical, everyday, on the evening form tunic continues to maintain these features.

The spacious tunic woman feels more relaxed. Evening blouses and tunics, which can be worn as a dress, if their length, or combine with pants, skirts or tight leggings, do not hold down movements, if any figure, the woman may feel appropriate and attractive. Dress, despite endless ODA enduring leadership in the segment of secular fashion, must finally give in to give place near the epitome of relaxation and freedom, which, coupled with the convenience of wearing represent evening tunic.


Dark colours and the delicate shimmer

The easiest option for social events, which requires compliance with the dress code for the evening tunic with rhinestones dark muted shades or classic and always appropriate in black. The number and brilliance of the strass should not be Intrusive, their goal is delicately set off the nobility of fabric and color of the outfit and not to blind everyone around or stun their bells and the murmur.

The best location rhinestone on the tunic – cleavage where they can carefully to emphasize acute throat cut. This tunic allows to refuse from the neck ornaments, but requires a good balance in the accessories. Put her in a pair of shoes boat with shining crystals or take clutch, inlaid quality stones.


Silk blouses for men in Roman style

Unlike previous style will appeal ladies elegant, this option is more suitable for young girls who are not afraid at a social event to demonstrate that they are abreast of fashion trends. Very simple in design tunic, reminiscent of the costumes of the ancient Romans, made of natural silk with bright print, will be the event of the evening, which will certainly be an abundance of traditional evening gowns. This tunic in length to about mid thigh, allows to show beautiful legs, if you wear it with a mini-skirt or the mini-shorts. They can be with her kit or go separately, but in this case the preferred discreet model, matte or leather, black. To this dress is required beautiful bright stilettos that emphasize the length of the legs. It can be boats, delicate sandals or open ankle boots with cuts.


A long evening tunic

In these models, the emphasis is on the dynamics of the tunic, her mobility and perfect flowing texture. Long tunic, which volunteered to compete with evening dresses, the floor should ideally take shape. Choose the local color, you also need very subtle approach to selection of accessories. Spectacular long evening dress ink, emerald, carrot, electric shades will make an impression on others.

Notable shoes to this dress is required, otherwise the outfit does not seem to be complete. You can also decorate your neck and wrist accessories, but it is better not large and small, adds the final touch, without overloading the already self-sufficient in the evening.

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