In order to make the trim manicure is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. This procedure can be done at home, just need some tools and cosmetics.
Все необходимое для обрезного маникюра3
When meeting with the same problem as cyst removal of the tooth you can choose one of two treatment options: medical or surgical. It depends on the progression of the disease.

The first thing that you must trim the manicure, a tweezers and a pusher. Clippers are used to trim the cuticles and dead skin around the nail plate. In favour of the tweezers with thin, not long blades and easy to handle. The pusher is designed to remove the dirt under the nails and push back cuticles. The pusher is better to choose a small length, about twelve centimeters.

Of course, when performing a manicure can not do without pilosec. Files must be abrasive, designed for natural nails, stiffness approximately one hundred eighty grit.

For treatment of nails with multiple scratches on the nail plate may need polisher for natural nails, otherwise it is called a buff. The buff is better to choose a multilateral (usually four sides), this polisher is easy enough to remove scratches and bumps with nail and to achieve a beautiful natural Shine of the nail plate.
Все необходимое для обрезного маникюра2
In addition to the tools you may need and cosmetics. First of all, this cotton pads and liquid varnish remover to remove the old varnish. The liquid should be selected without acetone. After the procedure of manicure nails should always be treated with cuticle oil, and pen – cream. The oil can be used absolutely any, what liking. In choosing the cream is better to give preference nutritious and not too greasy.

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