To want what is not is our hobby. Therefore, women who had straight hair make styling, and Kudryashova girls straighten hair to a glossy smoothness. Resulting hair needs repair. Is it possible to styling without damage?

Diet for hairstyles. The condition of the hair depends on your internal state. On curls directly affected by the stress he narrows the vessels, and thus impairs the blood supply to the hair roots. The Shine and strength of hair depends on our diet. Often eat fish and seafood, eggs, vegetable oil, nuts, dairy products, vegetables, especially cauliflower and broccoli, beans and peppers.

To drying and styling inflicted less damage to the hair, follow a few simple rules. First, before drying carefully remove from them the maximum amount of moisture by using a towel. Secondly, use a comb with rare teeth. Thirdly, do not hold the dryer too close (the optimal distance is not less than 30 cm), and if you put your hair every day, use a leave-in balm with protective properties. Fourth, do not use too many styling: just one, in a small dosage. Finally, styling and straightening strands choose appliances that with utmost care and concern to them, such as new Hairdryers and straighteners.

Tail and gloss. Smooth and shiny hair is the main fashion hit this season.

Dry hair, pre-treating them leave-in balm or spray. Well, if your dryer is able to dry up the hair – this is Fhilips ProCare. Due to the ceramic elements, the function of ionization and cold air blower styling will be a real pleasure. Drying strands, direct a stream of air from top to bottom.

After drying grasp the rectifier with the functions of respect for the health of the hair, such as Philips ProCare. Thanks to the smooth ceramic plates and function of the ionization rectifier does not damage the hair and uniform distribution of heat and maintain a constant temperature allows not to overheat them.

Safesite hair behind her ears and tight intercept them at the base of the neck, making the “pony tail”. And the final touch – a bit of spray-on Shine, which will give the hair a glamorous glow.
Born free. “Smoothness” smooth hairstyles fashion of buntarka oppose the soft lush curls. To make this hairstyle:

• Divide the hair parted in the middle, using mousse for styling.
• A little blow dry.
• Divide the hair into strands of a thickness of 3 cm and kill them.
• Doushite strands to the end, and then let it cool.

Whichever way you choose today – don’t forget that beauty requires not victims, and inspiration and love. Concern about the safety of hair – that’s your main priority.

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