макияж правилаMakeup celebrity looks great, however, this does not mean that you favourite image will look on your face. Here the thing in the face, just as we select a dress, to get an excellent makeup, he should correspond to the form of the person, to emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide her flaws.

Look at the makeup Reese Witherspoon, Reese face, in the form of a «heart», the chin quite noticeable, but her makeup minimizes this shortcoming, accentuating the other areas of the face. What looks like the perfect makeup?


The face in the form of a «heart»

макияж правила Кристины РичиMost characteristic features of this type are broad forehead and rather narrow, eye-catching chin. This type of person we see in the Reese Witherspoon and Christina Richie.

The ideal in this case makeup is aimed at diverting attention from the chin and expressive cheekbones, in the panel must be transparent and soft colours, small color nuance is allowed on the lips and cheeks, this will soften the sharp line of the cheekbones.

  • On the cheekbones better impose blush with a matte texture, radiance and iridescence in this case is not appropriate. With this structure, the face is better to avoid хайлайтеров or other means with reflective particles cheek bones, extra Shine even more allocate and accentuate and without sharp and prominent cheekbones.
  • In eye makeup, discard the liquid liner, in this case, it may look too rough. Better to strike the eye gel eyeliner or a soft pencil.
  • To mitigate the shape of the face will help soft feminine tone in reddish pink tones, shades of blush and lipstick better choose in this color categories.


Round face

макияж правила Шарлиз ТеронFor this type of person is characterized by the same width of the forehead and lower face, plus expressive and the cheeks.

We can say that the round face we see Kirsten dunst and Charlize Theron.

In this case the main objective of makeup consists of giving facial expressiveness, for this make-up artists offer «smoky eyes» and Golden-bronze tone as the basis.

  • Gently blend bronzer under the cheekbones, on top of the cheekbones apply hightlight, this trick will give cheeks more expressive and clear form. To make the process of applying makeup easier choose tools – duets contained in one package and bronzer and hightlight.
  • At the round type of person eyebrows better give curved pointed form this form to give more expressive contours of the face oval. Scroll eyebrow color, underline bending gel eyebrow.
  • If you have a round face, do not be afraid of the liquid liner and boldly draw beautiful expressive arrow combined with a «smoky eyes». Of course, to learn the technique of working with liquid liner, you need some skills, but learning how to draw beautiful firm line, you will be under the force of any image, from soft and feminine dramatic vamp.


The square face shape

макияж правила Дженифер ГарнерMost often this type distinguishes angular jaw line and a few «broken» line of hair growth. To this type of facial makeup artists include appearance Jennifer garner and Rachel She.

The main task in this case is aimed at reducing the angular facial features and help from the soft feminine tones with light flickering texture.

  • On the cheeks is better to apply a cream blush soft pinkish hue. With this type of person is very important to avoid sharp lines, so that eyeliner and bright lip contour should be abandoned.
  • Apply on the lips soft transparent lip gloss pink or coral colour.
  • Select the eyelashes, covering them two-three layers of a volumetric or extension of the carcass.


Oval face

макияж правила Евы ЛонгорииOval type is considered to be correct, several elongated shape of the face, with the same width of the forehead and the bottom, like Eva Longoria or Jessica Alba.

Best make-up for this face shape is designed to reduce its length, this effect can be achieved by a blush of pink or tan printed horizontally on an «apples» cheeks.

  • Blush should be applied, moving from the upper part of the cheeks to the temples.
  • Don’t be afraid expressive lips, this technique will help to identify the chin and the bottom area of the face.
  • For the eyes is better to choose transparent shadows, moderately dark shade.

To pick the perfect makeup needs to know not only the type of the shape of their face, but also to determine the type of skin. Skin types are divided into four main types, normal skin, narrowing, fat and skin of the combined type. Skin type depends on the choice of cosmetic means.

Regardless of skin type, the basis perfect makeup is a fresh, healthy complexion. Regularly use cleansing masks and scrubs, these tools allow you to remove from the skin surface traces of makeup and dirt, as well as revive dry skin. If you suffer from acne or acne, from active scrubs better to deny the use of such products may provoke further growth of bacteria and defeat previously healthy skin. Dealing mask, body scrub, or moisturizer, avoid the area around the eyes, the skin in these areas is very thin and delicate and needs special care.

To cope with the shortcomings of the skin, in the form of age spots and dark circles under the eyes help concealer. Apply concealer better pads nameless finger, makeup artists allege that this finger has the lightest touch. Then apply the base for make-up, picking up a hue and consistency appropriate for your skin type. After you have prepared the skin for applying make-up, turning it into a kind of canvas, you can navigate to a decorative piece that is, to make-up of the eyes and lips.

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