Beautiful and pleasant to the touch the hands – the dream of every woman. Modern treatment and design nails help any woman to feel its uniqueness. In this masters of manicure help a variety of gels, varnishes, rhinestones, beads and even earrings.

Nail services almost becomes art. So, nail earrings here are fixed only on artificial nails. Using a special drill in the free edge of the nail are drilled small holes. In them and are fixed a pair of earrings. This design is really a single of a kind, in addition, it is also durable.
Bright ornamented geometry also has a high rating in the popular manicures. Often masters propose to create for each nail painting your. It adds originality to the image of the owner of such nails. Bright spots and rhinestones are also relevant in the manicure, but in a proportional amount. Now designers prefer small shiny droplets in favor of cute romance and moderate chic.

Not out of the water and natural color of the nails, which with certainty declare itself for several seasons. When a smooth plate of the nail, without having faults, it suffices to use a clear varnish. And the nails small irregularities and splashes are easy to camouflage beige coloured nail Polish. By means of the nail any girl will be in trend.
Жидкие камни 3
As for bright colors, fashion still style too. It involves in the design of several bright colors. So perfect grouped together blue, cognac color and irreplaceable bright red. Color of the nail Polish must fundamentally differ from the color clothes or accessories, and not to get under the dress or clutch. These nails will be a bright accent in the image.

The French surprised modified variations. Different shades, not necessarily monochromatic, stands out as the edge of the nail and the hole. Usually young girls prefer such unusual mixes.

The nail at the peak of popularity of lace and mesh. To fulfill this design it is possible by means of gluing pieces of lace, stickers or draw lace by hand using a brush.
гель лак для ногтей 2
Not losing ground and manicure “Caviar” or “caviar”. Small beads called bonenkai are applied closely to each other on the nail plate. Now designers put their diverse ways, mimicking the coloring of a Zebra, tiger or rainbow.
Nail design is a wide field for the imagination of masters of manicure. They follow the trending devices and are happy to create these masterpieces.

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