Today stores second-hand became commonplace and are not perceived as a gimmick. But five years ago, go to second-hand was considered not only bad manners, and even shameful recognition of financial insolvency. However, as time passed, many myths about these stores were dispelled by themselves. Today I want to talk about the modern shops, second-hand, to dispel doubts consumers about the quality of service slaughtered them.
Эксклюзив из секонд-хенда1
To begin with, today, visitors to second hand people with absolutely different incomes. Some come to them because they look for things cheaper, others because they want to find stylish branded thing from abroad. More specifically Western Europe and America, where women and men’s clothes second hand purchased from the warehouses and exported to Russia.

Almost all clothes arriving in stores second-hand goods in Russia is either new clothes, or clothes, having a minimum percentage of wear. Mainly this excess production or not implemented clothes from shops, less clothing, second hand. The clothing has passed through the hands we can say that these are things that have been purchased, but after re-try-did not match the owner of the size or style.

Quality of service привозимой of Europe is rather high. Many items at a second-hand much better things in the branded boutiques, and all because of a Europe in which they are produced, the more closely monitors the quality of tailoring, than Russia, sadly.
Эксклюзив из секонд-хенда3
Buy clothes in second-hand – everyone decides for himself. The only thing you should consider is that this shopping not постыден. A second-hand one can find truly rare and high quality item at a reasonable price, which is particularly pleasant. For some women this shopping turns into a real hobby.

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