упражнения для бедерThighs and buttocks many women consider as the most problematic areas. Strengthen your muscles and make hip stronger and slender help special exercises for thighs.


Squats with fitball

There is nothing better squats to strengthen inner thighs.

  • Place the fitball between the wall and bend of the lower back.
  • Put feet into the floor, shoulders straighten.
  • Bend the knees, dropping down on 25-50 cm, so that his shoulders formed a square in relation to the bended knees, and in General, just Crouch, holding the ball in the wall. Hold the position for three seconds, then take the starting position.
  • Start with five repetitions, gradually increasing their number to 12. Make two-three approaches with intervals of 30 seconds.


Balancing Flamingo

In this exercise involved several muscle groups, here and arms bending and tension of muscles of the torso and throwing legs back. Do the exercise slowly, over time you will learn to do the exercise correctly, respecting the right balance.

  • Rent non-severe dumbbell in your right hand, left hand on the thigh.
  • Gently lean forward allocating the left leg back and lifting her around the hips. During execution of this motion pull forward right hand.
  • Turn your hand with dumbbells so that the palm stared at the ceiling, and follow the motion as to the training biceps, that is, bend your arm with a dumbbell. Return leg down, touching the floor toe of the foot, repeat the exercise for 12 times. Do not bend the left leg while you bend your right knee.
  • Then do the same thing to the other leg. Stand up, left foot forward, гантеля in his left hand, leaned forward, raising his right leg to the level of the hips.
  • Simultaneously pull the left arm forward, do the bend on the biceps, lower your foot down touching the floor toe foot and repeat again 12 times.


Combined squat

  • Crouch down, and bend your knees to 90 degrees.
  • Then jump up and gently return to the squat position. For more elastic jump, use the force of the legs and buttocks, as if pushing the body up.
  • Return from a jump into a squat try as gently as possible, so gently as possible with your knees bent. Weight transfer to the rear part of the foot, i.e. on the heels.
  • Do three sets of 8 repetitions.


The circular motion of the legs

If this exercise is given to you too easy, try during a circular motion legs read the alphabet. Hardly you get to the last letter, but as strengthen muscles, improve results.

  • Lie down on the floor, pull your hands at your sides, palms down.
  • Lift your leg up, pulling the sock to the ceiling and start to slowly rotate leg around the circle, starting with the outside.
  • Inhale and describe the left foot, imaginary circle on the ceiling, the leg should fully move, but the hips remain stationary. Try not to raise the left thigh.
  • Describe a circle on the ceiling five times clockwise, then counterclockwise.
  • Adjust the feet and repeat the same thing.


Lunges with dumbbells

This exercise strengthens not only the hips, but stretches the kneecap and the Shin.

  • Place your feet on the width of the hips, in every hand, take a dumbbell on 1,5-2 kg
  • Make a lunge forward with the left foot, then straighten your leg, on loss of your right knee down, but not touching the floor, and stops in several centimeters from the surface.  
  • Hold trunk perpendicular to the floor, weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. Align the front knee and lower leg, keeping weight on the heel, and not on the fingertips.
  • Try to exercise for 30 seconds, then change legs and do another 30 seconds.

A more complex variant of this exercise is as follows:

  • Lift the dumbbells up to shoulder level, palm looking forward.
  • Make a lunge forward with one foot, then return leg back, placing my feet together and making a break, make a lunge with the other leg. Alternate legs within 60 seconds.
  • In the final stage of motion add exercise for the biceps. After each lunge forward lift knee feet behind the back, up to the level of the hips.
  • Bend your arms with weights and return to the attack. Repeat attack with fold hands on one leg for 30 seconds, and then to another within the same time.


Squats with arms outstretched

This exercise reminds asanas of yoga called уткатасана. When you squeeze his knees, imagine that you pinch between them something of value.

  • Please pose as if you go set down on a chair, tense muscles, internal parties and ankles pressed to each other and hips are in the squat position, гантеля – in the stretched above the head of his hands.
  • Transfer the weight of a body at the front part of the foot and lower yourself down and controlling the state of the lower part of legs and buttocks slightly raising up. Follow the springing up and down motions, repeat 8-12 times.


Plie as a kind of sit-UPS

  • Put your legs a little wider shoulders, shoulders straighten, socks stop look outward.
  • Stoop in the squat position , while pulling the hands in front of him.
  • Return to starting position and repeat. Try to do so deep squats as possible, but do not let his knees came up for socks.
  • Do not lift the coccyx up and maximizing overtax your buttocks. SARS should be straight, knees do not go beyond the toes.
  • Perform each exercise for a minute, to enhance the effect, slightly linger at the bottom of the squat.


Squatted down of deafening diesel and select

The ideal exercise for the front of the thighs.

  • Put your legs shoulder-width apart, take a hard dumbbells.
  • Bend your knees to 90 degrees, simultaneously putting weights on the floor, for your feet.
  • Rise up and quickly sit down again, taking the dumbbells in your hands.
  • Repeat for one minute, alternating lowering dumbbells and their ascent.

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