упражнения для животаStandards of beauty include not only a slim waist elastic roundness and long legs. Integral attribute of a beautiful figure is flat stomach and this «attraction» can boast of, alas, few. But there are specially designed exercises for the stomach, allowing for a relatively short period of time to change the situation for the better. The main thing – do not give concessions own laziness.

Many fitness coaches say that themselves exercises for the stomach are no panacea. It is advisable to Supplement their diet. Just drinking too caloric foods require more intensive loads, resulting in additional expenditure of energy and time. In the diet desirable to include more fruits and vegetables, including carrots, cabbage, apples, broccoli, spinach, eggs, olives, walnuts, fish, rice.


Taking into account anatomy

Muscle structure belly includes one straight muscle, as well as several transversal. Oblique muscles, in turn, are divided into internal and external. Complex of exercises is chosen so that they all were involved organically.

Cells of the abdominal muscles are provided with power on aerobic mechanism. This means that the muscles during exercise will work effectively only until a person decides to take a break and not to relax. But you only have to lie on my back to catch my breath, as a result of lessons will be reduced to zero, for such relaxation and contribute to the formation of fatty accumulation in the lumbar region. Therefore, perform exercises for the stomach in one approach: several approaches at intervals of rest» will not bring benefit.


Massage prelude

Ideally exercises for grain should be preceded by a massage for this part of the body. For this optional invite gymnasium massage service – such a procedure can be performed independently. You can take as a horizontal position, and remain in the vertical. Belly rubbed his palms slightly пощипывают fingers – here it is not so important adherence to any particular methodology was, how many warm up muscles and their preparation for a more intensive load. A good option belly massage – circular motion clockwise or counterclockwise: first, the effect on the skin is gently and delicately, then – with a little pressure. Does not prohibit the use and technology anti-cellulite massage. The duration of massage is stretched by just five minutes.


Aerobic phase

It is noticed that the stomach refers to such problem areas where lose body fat hardest of all. Compete with him on «neprobivaemosti can only thighs. Therefore properly matched set of exercises for belly usually includes elements of the two types of aerobic and strength. The first differ from the latter by run without the weight of the load. For example, you can make a slope, trying to touch the palms sex, body turns of the body in different directions. It is useful to freeze in a certain point in a couple of seconds and then continue. The most simple of aerobic exercise – retraction of the abdomen. Still provide excellent results exercises with a Hoop hula-Hoop.


Strength exercises for belly

Despite the fact that quite often you can find recommendations on the implementation of force exercises for belly with the weights in the form of dumbbells or barbells, professional fitness instructors often are frowned upon, especially in those cases when we are talking about women.

Under the power part refers to the exercises in a lying position, aimed at pumping of the press. They become quite a powerful test for the unprepared body, after them quite sore muscles.


Stretching exercises

Often all of the above exercises will not produce the desired effect on the anterior wall of the abdomen, and it does not stretch while framing its side walls become more dense. Waist, with no might look fine. So it makes sense to include exercises for belly special elements of stretching. It can be attributed to a «bridge». But the squats of the complex it is better to exclude, as they contribute to the expansion of pelvic bones – beautiful figure in that case not be seen.



The well-known «bike», this exercise is aimed at strengthening the rectus abdominis and oblique abdominal muscles.

  • Lie down on a pad on the back with the hands behind your neck, slightly supporting his head with his fingers.
  • His knees to his chest tighten, blades tear off from a floor, not raising his neck.
  • Turn left, pulling his right elbow to your left knee while pulling the other foot forward.
  • Adjust the side, pulling his left elbow to the right knee.
  • Alternate hand, imitating Biking, make 1-3 approach 12-16 repetitions each.



Planck strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back.

  • Lie down on the floor face down, hands on the floor.
  • Cut loose from the floor, holding the weight of the body on my elbows and tips of the toes.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Slightly tilt your pelvis and tighten your abs, glutes not have to stuff Hisself out, and the average back to SAG down.
  • Hold this for about 20-30 seconds, make 3-5 reps.

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