гимнастические упражнения для похудения

Solved: Monday – on a diet. The choice is made, “strategic reserves” fat declared the fight, but together with the fatty layer of the skin loses elasticity. To cope with this problem will help exercises for weight loss, it also will enhance the process of getting rid of excess weight. In General, exercise is a necessary component of any adequate program of weight reduction. Because thinness is not a synonym for beauty. Slim figure, elastic muscles, the ability to feel your body and control it is not a myth but a reality.

What good exercises? The exercises and known techniques for advanced and beginners. Typically, space requirements and time is minimal. You can do at home, in the office, the gym, use exercises before bedtime or as effective morning exercise. Important components of success – regularity and a positive attitude. Meet popular methods and choose your – Tu, which will be really nice to do.

Overview of techniques exercises for weight loss


For active and energetic, but busy people fit the TABATA Protocol. Intensive training with interval and a fairly high load will allow you to lose weight, spending just 4 minutes per day. The alternation of short active phase and a short rest at the fastest pace saturate the body with oxygen, accelerates metabolism, and fat just forced to retreat and disappear.

For beginners two more calm technique – method Fukuzumi and gymnastics, Imabari. Unlike TABATA, they have virtually no contraindications. Also noteworthy health system Niches, which coordinates the work of nerves, muscles, blood vessels and is ideal for pregnant women and the elderly. All methods of weight loss in Japanese do not require special physical training and give tangible results.


This Eastern gymnastics also has several directions. For example, Wushu is engaged in the development of the physical body, while qigong pays special attention to the philosophical perception of the world. Noteworthy spiral gymnastics, created by Chinese Professor Pak Gevo. This dance technique encompasses the therapeutic effect and shows, even for women. There are exercises of the Chinese gymnastics, imitating the movement of funny animals. It is suitable for the lazy people:

Represented Fox. Squatted down, heel raised, hands and eyes on the floor in front of him. Slowly moving his hands forward, pass under an imaginary obstacle. Once you are in position with your legs extended and all the way up the trunk, climb up on straight arms and legs and accept its original position.
упражнение «Лисица»
Clumsy bear. Standing on straight arms and legs, begin to make steps to the left side of the body, then the right. The legs do not bend, head down, body relaxed. A few steps forward and the same back.
упражнение «Медведь»
Slow turtle. From a seated position, leaning on his hands behind his back and bent his knees, raises the torso up and go left and right. Seriously? Then try at least slightly move the body from side to side.
упражнение «Черепаха»
Merry Sparrow. Slightly squat, torso forward, head up. Do a little jumping, flapping wings (Oh, hands), landing on his toes.
упражнение «Воробей»
The giant Panda. Sit on the floor, pull the bent leg and densely covered with their hands. Begin to sway back and forth, left and right, not touching the trunk floor.
упражнение «Панда»


This complex is very popular among Hollywood stars. If you do the exercises daily for 15 minutes, then you can activate all the energy centers in the body. No special conditions, can perform at home, outdoors and even on the train.

  1. Standing straight, arms in hand, to rotate around an imaginary axis in a clockwise direction. First 3-5 enough speed, gradually increase to 21, but no more.
  2. Lie on your back, arms parallel to the torso, palms pressed to the floor, head to lift and bring the chin to the chest. Do a full breath. Slowly breathe a breath and raise the straight leg up and on to the head, pelvis tightly against the floor. On the exhale, lower legs, and head.
  3. Get down on your knees, feet shoulder width of the hips, hands under your buttocks. On the exhale, press the chin to the chest, inhaling put your head back, spreading our chest and progira spine. While exhaling return to the starting position.
  4. In the sitting position, legs straight, arms parallel to the body touches the floor with your fingers forward. On the exhale touch the chin to the chest and inhaling supercilium head back and pushed the trunk up. The position should resemble a table with four legs. In this position, tense muscles and hold your breath. Exhale and come back.
  5. On the exhale the maximum SAG in a lying position, throwing his head back (body keep on palms and toes slightly wider than shoulders). Do inhale and lift the pelvis up to the body formed a right angle, elbows and knees do not bend. To stay in the top position for a few seconds, and exhale to return to the lying position.

Such exercises for weight loss should be done daily, preferably before meals, to breathe through the nose. In the end you can relax for 15 minutes. There are hormonal Tibetan exercises. But her goal is not weight loss, and overall health benefits and longevity. Exercise is very light, duration 5-10 minutes, you should carry out before 6 o’clock in the morning. In this case, normal hormonal background and is healing from chronic ailments.


The feature of this kind of gymnastics that proper breathing is actively nourishes body cells with oxygen. This is a powerful incentive for accelerated metabolism and cleanse the body from poisons and toxins. The fat under the influence of oxygen oxidizes and burns, and with it go the extra pounds. There are several popular breathing techniques for weight reduction, including popular system Oxisols and Bodyflex, challenging but amazingly effective holotropic breathing, elementary complex tsangpa, consisting of only 3 exercises, methods of doctors by Strelnikova method. Before these sessions, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

дыхательная гимнастика


As exercises for weight loss this type of strength training has been used relatively recently. The method is based on a combination of breathing and concentration on the moment here and now and the special work of the muscles. Exercises from Pilates to improve overall body tone, increase metabolism, tighten muscle tissue. Effective method will help to get a flat stomach, firm Laski, strong legs and arms. Such exercises suitable for pregnant and postpartum women, for people with spinal cord injuries and disorders of posture, as well as for those who have significant weight.


The author of this recreational gymnastics – Zviad Arabuli. Losing weight can be really unhealthy side effect of this technique, since the main focus is the rejuvenation of the body, strengthen joints and spine. In the practice Hadu boosts metabolism, increases the flow of oxygen, the muscles begin to consume more energy. All this leads to weight reduction. This system is one of the few exercises that offer complex for weight loss not only of the body but also the face.

Hidden gymnastics Vorobyov

Office gymnastics Vorobyov will be useful to those who for a long time spends on the computer or just lazy to do a full exercise. Although the technique requires some self-discipline, so as to perform the exercises every hour. After a few days of regular classes, the weight will start in a surprising way to go, and muscles tighten. Remove shoes with heels and carry out with the use of 5 minutes. You can start with fewer repetitions and increase the number gradually:

  1. Feet together, feet on the floor, 40-fold, raise and lower the heels.
  2. Without changing position, 40 times raise and lower the socks.
  3. Tense buttocks and relax is also 40 times.
  4. When you exhale bring your abdomen 15 times, when the breath is released.
  5. Shoulders straight, shifting to the spine of the scapula and returned to the place 40 times.
  6. Bred hand in hand and 40 times compressible-decompresses Cams.
  7. Turn the head fully to the right-left 40 times.
  8. Long chin forward 40 times.

Home exercises for beginners

Exercise 1. Start with walking on the spot for 30 seconds. It is necessary to greatly enhance the knees and rhythmically breathing: step 4 – breath, another 4 – exhale.

Exercise 2. Hands placed on the back of the chair, and within 30 seconds rhythmically rise on tiptoes and fall. The heel should touch each other.

Exercise 3. Put your feet shoulder width apart and actively move the pelvis in a circle, simultaneously pulling and inflating the stomach.

Exercise 4. In the supine position and bend your knees, feet are on the floor. Relying on legs and shoulder blades, raise the pelvis and wag them in different directions. You can do this several times with short breaks.

Exercise 5. Hold water bottles or small dumbbells. Move hands raised in different directions, wave until fatigue.

Will be enough for beginning. To more serious pursuits to begin when you will develop the habit and will need moving. If the complex for you is very simple or you want to diversify, take note of the exercises from the following video:


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