упражнения чтобы убрать двойной подбородокWhat you need to do exercises for jowls and there among them really effective? This question is asking women oval faces are farther away from the old forms. In the early stages of formation of a double chin when the problem does not seem defect requiring surgical intervention to correct the fat pad under the face can be quite affordable ways, including regular exercise, simple and not time consuming.


Correct posture is the basic exercise

If you are looking for exercises from a double chin, it is useful to know the truth, which for many becomes a real discovery. The correct posture is not just Deposit a beautiful silhouette and a healthy back, it is also one of the founding moments of reducing the predisposition to the formation of a second chin.

Once you learn always, and sitting, or standing, keep your back straight and chin parallel to the floor, this will be your first step on the path not only to the beautiful posture, but also to the beautiful face without the fat flows.

The simplest exercises for a double chin, coaching posture – standing against the wall, leaning against her back, pulling her chin up slightly, and walk with a book on your head. This simple exercise, if you will do it regularly, it should develop the habit of not bent and keep your head straight.


Three exercises against double chin

There are three basic exercises that will help not only to prevent the appearance of double chin, but effectively deal with them.

  • Sipping chin. A very simple exercise that involves stretching chin up. To perform its better than sitting. Take a comfortable position, sit up straight, your back should be flat. Tilt your head back and firmly pull chin up, rapidly pulling his lower lip. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return to original position. Repeat ten to fifteen times.

It is a very effective exercises from a double chin, during this exercise you will feel a strong tension of the neck muscles and lower areas of the face. Strengthening the muscles you are working on sculptural his face, eliminating excess fat.

  • Thrust to the chest with rolling. Another elementary in performing the exercise, which is struggling with already formed a double chin. Press the chin to the chest with the effort, straining the muscles of the sternum. Start slow rotation of his head, not taking his chin from his chest. Follow the rotation of the large amplitude, not limited to only area of the chin, turn your head so that the ears alternately touched the shoulders. So you are very effectively massage the chin, stretching fat pad.
  • Tension and relaxation of the jaw. If the previous exercise was aimed at softening adipose tissue chin, then this exercise, like the first, has the aim of strengthening the muscles of the lower areas of the face. Tense the muscles of the neck and face, then relax them, holding in a state of tension and relaxation for a few seconds. Repeat ten to fifteen times.

Exercises double chin to perform better in the evening, for example, after a shower, when there is an opportunity after they apply firming cream and go to sleep, leaving makeup to work at night, eliminate toxins, excess fluid and firming skin. If skin is very dry, before performing the exercises it is worth drawing on the chin area and neck a good moisturizing cream.

During the exercise for stretching muscles, unfortunately, increases the risk of stretching the skin, which is completely inappropriate when dealing with a second chin. It may happen that fat chin will disappear, but is formed of age in the form of loose and tighter skin.


Other exercises to eliminate double chin

  • Sit down, put on his elbows, squeeze your fists and place them under the chin. Without changing position, strenuously try to lower the chin down, hands confronting in the opposite direction.
  • Pronounce vowels A, O, U, S, e, And strongly articulating each.
  • Morning or evening during water treatments make contrasting massage towel with Pat. Soak a towel in hot water, squeeze, grasp the ends and bottom smack on the chin, then immerse in cold water and repeat. Make several changes of hot and cold towels. This massage will be a good completion of the procedures for double chin, if you do it after gymnastics. After skin, apply a firming cream or serum, leaving them for the night.

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