Слоятся ногти - способы леченияAn important part of female beauty considered to be well-groomed nails. If the nails exfoliate – this is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, as it is not very aesthetic effect.

Even applied to the nail plate lacquer will not be able to hide those pesky flaws.

Causes of splitting nails can be many: from a lack of essential minerals in the body to use during a manicure inappropriate tools. One thing is important: to treat the nails should begin at the first signs of stratification.

More accessible and diverse are the traditional methods of treatment for peeling nails. Here are some recipes for healing baths.

1) Medical lemon.

Sunflower oil needs to be warmed up using a water bath. Next, stir in the oil, you need to add iodine and lemon (the juice). After bringing the mass to a homogeneous condition, it should be poured into a deep container in which to immerse for twenty minutes hands. Even at three times a week use of this bath, exfoliating and brittle nails will get their lost fortress.

On the basis of lemon is another remedy for your nails. To do this, simply mix olive oil and lemon juice and the resulting composition applied to the hands. The best effect will be if to put on hand gloves and non-synthetic in this state to spend the night. As a result, will not only strengthen nails, but also moisturizing and nourishment of the skin.

2) Salt and celandine.

Dried flowers of celandine, you need to pour boiling water and infuse for about an hour, wrapped the pot with a towel. After the broth is strained, and while it is still slightly warm, add the iodine. Strengthening nails as a result of the celandine and iodine. Enough fifteen minutes for a single procedure. After the bath hands and nails it is desirable to lubricate a nourishing cream.

Слоятся ногти - домашние средства для лечения

3) Homemade cream that strengthens nails.

Using glycerin and vaseline (5:1), you can make effective cream for strengthening the nail plate. Mixed composition can be stored in the fridge and every day use by applying to the nails, thus, applying a gentle massage.

Homemade treatments are quite simple and, importantly, not associated with great cost. Constantly using traditional recipes, the woman will be able to get strong and sturdy nails, which disappears bad “habit” to exfoliate.

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