Exfoliating wavy nails is quite a common problem, especially in the period of beriberi. Separation of the nail contributes to the lack of calcium, silicon, iron and other elements. In addition, the cause of the problem can be household chemicals, without which no cost, no hostess, and it means dishwashing, liquid for sex, polishes, and more. How to bring the nails in order, especially if it must be done urgently?
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To urgently put the nails in the order you need Fraser manicure. Such a device is in any salon. With the help of nozzles at different speeds removes dead skin cells of the cuticle, as well as rough skin around the nail, removed the sinuosity of the nail, after which it acquires a smooth, healthy appearance.

If the salon’t have time right now, using paper or a glass nail file to smooth the nail yourself at home. We should not forget that this will not solve the problem, but only hide it for a while.
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The nails stopped exfoliate, need a comprehensive approach. First, you must fix the cause of the problem. To do this, while performing any home robots, in which there is skin contact with household chemicals, always wear rubber gloves on his hands.
Buy at the drugstore vitamin complex, and also include in your diet rich in silica and iron products that have a positive impact not only on the nails, but also your body in General.

Besides your home manicure set should include:

  • Paper or glass nail file. Metal damages the nail and leads to delamination;
  • Therapeutic varnishes;
  • Liquid nail Polish remover that contains no acetone.

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Try to give your nails a break from nail Polish at least a couple days a week. Take baths with sea salt. Pamper the hands of a variety of means to care, and very soon they will reward you with a beautiful well-groomed appearance.

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