отшелушивающие средстваAfter thirty years the processes of cellular renewal slow down, the layer of dead cells becomes thicker and the skin mostly needs freshening and updating. Exfoliating products are designed to remove this layer of dead skin cells and make the skin more soft and smooth.

Exfoliation is the process of removing layers of dead cells from the skin surface. After the formation of the cells move to the skin surface, they dry out and accumulate on the skin’s surface, creating a layer which gives skin a dull, lifeless color and rough, shaggy texture.


Types of exfoliation

Exfoliation methods are divided into two categories: physical (mechanical) and chemical exfoliating products.

Physical exfoliation removal of dead cells occurs by using abrasive ingredients, while chemical peels at the enzymes or acids.


Mechanical exfoliation

For mechanical removal of the dead cells are used fine particles of, for example, jojoba, salt crystals, sugar, ground coffee, rice, synthetic abrasives, micro-particles of pumice. Physical means include exfoliating scrubs, wipes with the abrasive particles and such cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion, during which a special device is used, spray the crystals of aluminum dioxide.


Chemical peels

средства для отшелушивания кожиIn the process of chemical peeling active ingredients are dissolved compounds that bind dead skin cells, as active components, as a rule, enzymes or acids.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) including glycolic, lactic, malic, citric or tartaric.

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliating in the media most often presents with salicylic acid. Unlike AHA, BHA more deeply and effectively penetrate the pores, removing dead cells, makeup residues and excess sebum secretion. Beta hydroxy acids are widely used in the treatment and prevention of acne.

To chemical exfoliating components include retinoids including adapalene, tretinoin and tazarotene, as well as natural enzymes, bromelin from pineapple, Pancreatin from certain meats and papain contained in the papaya.

To the category of chemical exfoliants include gels, scrubs and other products – exfoliants containing AHA, BHA and natural enzymes, prescription retinoids, chemical peels involving AHA or BHA, natural enzymes, carbolic acid, and trichloroacetic

применение отшелушивающего средстваExfoliating not just remove the top layer of dead cells, giving the skin a fresh and radiant appearance, after peeling, cabin or home, the skin better absorbs nutrients more efficiently respond to active components of cosmetic products. In addition, exfoliation stimulates circulation, small particles of exfoliants involved in circular massage movements act on the subcutaneous flow of lymph and blood, causing the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients.

Exfoliating is not able to deliver us from the wrinkles, But they can make small shallow crease in the skin less noticeable.


Exfoliation with the skin type

To achieve the most positive outcome exfoliator should match the skin type.

  • If you have dry skin, you products containing AHAs, these acids have mild superficial effect and do not desiccate the skin.
  • Oily skin needs a deeper cleanse, in this case the ideal exfoliants with BHA, this component penetrates deep into the pores and remove all that prevents our skin to breathe.
  • Problem skin is a special case. This type of leather characterized by a large number of dead cells, these cells quickly clog the pores, which, in fact, there are different acne and pimples. Mechanical exfoliation for oily skin is not suitable abrasives can worsen the condition of skin, for daily use it is better to choose soft funds from the BHA, for more in-depth impact dermatologists prescribe some form of retinoid.
  • For normal and combination skin it is better to give preference to funds with the contents of BHA and soft mechanical peeling. Enough normal skin responds well to microdermabrasion, then it is advisable to use mineral and vitamin serums.
  • If you have sensitive skin you should avoid funds with a high content of glycolic acid, at least not to use such funds without a pre-test for skin sensitivity. Retinoids too aggressive for sensitive skin, so as to not “miss” seek the funds from the special marked “for sensitive skin”.

Eczema and rosacea require special treatment and exfoliation in this case it is better to refuse. An experienced dermatologist will help you choose the product suitable for cleansing this type of skin.

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