Very popular in our time have become methods of cleaning your face non-traditional ways. Exfoliation is soft scrubs face with sparing effect, which is suitable for sensitive, troubled or aging skin. Quite recently the procedure has become quite attractive for females. Translated from the French language, where actually originated the method, “gomme” means “the eraser”, i.e. the substance, gently removing the outer Horny layer of the skin.
Гоммаж - как наиболее щадящий способ очищения кожи (3)
In contrast to scrub or peeling, the cream to scrub does not include dense particles, which as sandpaper injure the inner layers of the skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells of the epidermis only without injury. Due to the composition of the scrub, the procedure together with the cleansing of the skin, improves tone and improve the complexion. The cream includes exfoliating micro-granules, extracts or extracts of aloe Vera, ginseng or licorice, and cosmetic thermal water or bottled water Shchyolkovo.
The procedure consists in laying face a special cream. After 10-15 minutes, when the crust is formed, circular movements of one hand, gently roll the dried cream on the face as if massaging the skin. Other hand to hold the skin so that it does not stretch under pressure.

Exfoliation is male and female. For men this is due to the frequent skin irritation after shaving. To reduce these unpleasant regular sensations use the cleanup procedure from keratinized skin that, when injury and cause irritation.
Гоммаж - как наиболее щадящий способ очищения кожи (1)
Although exfoliation is gentle “peel” we must remember that frequent the procedure you want to exclude, and not to use it at a time when you have to be on the air or wind.

Exfoliation can be done not only in expensive beauty salons and at home. It is enough to know the skin type, its response to different ingredients and have the necessary kitchen products, from which you can make the cream.

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