EITTommy Bahama known company Tommy Bahama again pleases its fans perfume splendor. This time the brand presents elegant elegant Duo of fragrances under the name Set Sail Martinique. Himself Bahama set consists of two varieties: male and female, so the flavors perfectly complement each other.

Female version of Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique Set Sail Martinique For Women embodies an exquisite bouquet of exotic flowers and fruits. The whole composition gives you the real heavenly delight. And start your masterpiece Bahama takes from bright citrus notes that give way to a magnificent chord of fragrant flowers. In the heart of women’s perfume new items from Tommy Bahama hidden incredibly colorful bouquet of white flowers and creamy musk. No doubt, such a fragrance composition will not go unnoticed by the lovers. And they will have a unique fragrance Set Sail Martinique For Women in Bahama concentration “eau de perfume” in a volume of 100 ml.

I would like to dwell on the male variations called Tommy Bahama Set Sail Martinique For Men. This fragrance is from the kit Bahama attracts attention with its elegant mood and nobility. Begins composition with amazing notes of sensual musk, fresh pepper and luxurious bergamot. And there will be a sophisticated fragrance from Tommy Bahama in the version of “cologne spray” in a volume of 100 ml.

As critics say, exclusive Bahama set will give a huge portion of joy to all lovers of the exotic. Amazing combination of scents will remind you of the very best holidays and will give the images an atmosphere of eternal summer, of mystery and surprise. A great design innovations will remind others about your commitment to impeccable style and noble design. Believe me, no wonder the design of the company’s products Tommy Bahama engaged the leader designer of the world — Oxford Industri.

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