Sometimes, home life and work did not leave time for yourself. Hands in the first place testify to the age, financial well-being and level of grooming their owner. Of course, to look perfect, you can use the services of Beauty salons, but it is extremely expensive to Finance and long enough. However, there are a lot of secrets and subtleties that will help you always look flawless, using make-shifts with a minimum consumption of time.

Как ухаживать за руками зимой3

Regardless of treatments, on the end of it you need to drip on the wrist a little favorite perfume, it will fill your every move a pleasant odor and give a good mood. To buy a favorite flavor of cheap, using possibilities of global network, the line of any search engine you need to enter the phrase “online perfume store cheap”. You should use the services of proven resources, with an impeccable business reputation and positive customer feedback.

Rather look ugly with chapped hands and shabby varnish. Even if you are very limited in time, it is necessary to allocate a few seconds for the removal of the old nail decoration and cleaning of the nails.

Как зимой оберегать руки и ухаживать за ногтями3

Quickly clean and soften the skin of hands after garden work ,house cleaning or cooking it is possible to use baths with warm water. It must have a sufficiently high concentration of soap. In order for a cosmetic procedure had a noticeable effect, its duration must be at least a quarter of an hour. Depending on your wishes you can add a variety of components which are always at hand:

  • Oatmeal – gently exfoliates dead skin particles of the skin. Makes the hands soft and smooth;
  • Cocoa butter – regenerates and softens the skin. Relieves minor redness and inflammation;
  • Cinnamon – has anti-aging and antiseptic effect. Has a strong and pleasant aroma;
  • Sea salt is a great strengthens the nail plate. Improves metabolic processes in the tissues, gives the skin a tone and elasticity;
  • Mint is a wonderfully refreshing skin and leaves it velvety texture, has a pleasant, lasting fragrance.

Ухаживаем за кожей рук

It happens that the hands and nail plate clean and tidy, but the skin looks dry and cracked, then quickly refresh it can few drops of lemon juice and olive oil.

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