Not all women nails truly beautiful. In some they are quickly broken, the other is a flake. But everyone wants to have a beautiful manicure. In this case, the aid can come specialists, which may increase the nails and decorate them.
Как сохранить здоровье ногтей?

Professionals can do both classic and extravagant manicure, decorated with rhinestones and sequins, which are stored in the box carrying case, a gorgeous painting or similar to velvet fabric. All this can be done on both natural and artificial nails.

Artificial nails can allow a long time not to worry about the state of the manicure, not afraid that the paint will crack or will wear off.
Стартовый набор для самостоятельного наращивания ногтей и гелевого маникюра.3
Popular nail with acrylic or gel. This extension uses a special gel. The coating is applied several times. After this procedure form the shape of the nail the desire of the clientele. Nail manicure and take at least two to three hours. But this procedure allows not to worry about the nails for up to four months. However, to remove yourself a manicure, because it can only be cut from the surface of the nail.

When acrylic nail overlays using a special powder. It is mixed with a special liquid. Better when such capacity makes professional. To remove such nails very easily. This is done using a special solvent.
Ногти: уход за ногтями
Nail occurs by means of foreign material. Therefore, the nutrition of the nail plate, aeration is broken. Because of this, the nails begin to dry out and become brittle. You may experience different deformation of the nail plate. To avoid this, the nails need some rest from such procedures. Every two to three weeks the nails need to be adjusted. Every day cuticles need to be lubricated with special oil, air conditioning. You cannot use a liquid containing acetone, Polish remover.

For hands and nails need to be groomed constantly. Only then the hands are really beautiful and well-groomed.

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