маска для глазThe eye mask is a simple and fast way to restore skin when radical dryness, dullness, sluggishness, bruises and swelling in the eyelid area. You can choose the shape of the mask, its composition and price category, but do not forget that the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, prone to rapid stretch, so to save on personal care it means to harm her. And not only her, but himself, delaying the time of recovery and finding a beautiful and smooth skin, radiant eyes without signs of fatigue.


Homemade eye masks – simple recipes for fresh look

маска для глазEye masks from ingredients that can be found in almost every refrigerator, girls have always done and confirmed the effectiveness of these measures. Usually homemade masks are aimed at removing the swelling with the eyes, reduce bruising under the eyes. For these purposes, the use of cold packs and products with brightening, toning and soothing properties. Remember that you are going to put a mask on a very sensitive area, so do not hold in the preparation of complex compounds that can cause irritation and thin eyelid skin. Use what used your grandmother, namely the juice and pulp of cucumber, grated raw potatoes and parsley.

All of these products it is better to apply separately. Mask of grated potato, removes puffiness and reduces dark circles, brightens skin, cucumber moisturizes and tones the skin, and parsley, rich in vitamin C and can brighten even pigmentation, also refreshes the skin, removes puffiness. For best results and easy effect lifting and decongesting products must be cooled. If you are allergic or you do not carry sharp odors, refuse mask of parsley.

Mask of curd and cream will help to moisturize and nourish the skin. Take fat cottage cheese and cream, mix in the same proportion, to make a soft creamy consistency, apply to the eye area and soak ten to fifteen minutes.


Masks for eye wrinkles

маска для глаз Christina


After thirty years, especially if you have thin skin of the eyelids and active facial expressions, you should regularly use masks to prevent wrinkles or fight already appeared to mimic folds. Any masks from wrinkles to skin around the eyes should solve several problems: skin hydration, wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and stimulation of own resources for the regeneration of collagen-elastin complex for younger looking skin.

  • Cream mask for skin around the eyes Caudalie contains polyphenols grape seed, which is a great antioxidant. The mask is suitable for all skin types and will become a good moisturizing care facility for each day and prevent early wrinkles.
  • Smooth Eye Mask Israeli stamps Christina contains a complex of peptides, amino acids, vitenskap, vitamins a, b, C, E and F, which smoothes wrinkles, quickly restoring skin radiance and elasticity.
  • Cosmetic Duo masks Wrinkle Soak Hydrating Mask and EnergEyes Firming Eye Mask from the brand Skinn Dimitri James moisturizes the skin and strengthens its increasing resistance to age-related changes.
  • Mask of Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask Shiseido pure retinol and has an immediate effect, tightening the skin, smoothing wrinkles, relieving swelling and removing under-eye circles.


Toning mask for tired skin

маска для глаз Dior


Hydration – it’s not all that necessary to the skin around the eyes. If the dry skin of this area is easily achieved even home remedies, with rapid recovery of tired dull skin around the eyes, which always has a negative impact on the General form, in General, cope, not all masks to hydrate. Such masks may be called awakening, refreshing, vitamin, relieves fatigue, but the essence is the same: they affect the skin holistically, not just eliminating the bags and swelling, and improving skin tone, evens out skin color, really giving the skin with vitamins, erasing signs of fatigue.

  • Mask for skin around the eyes Clarins (Masque Contour des Yeux) contains rose water, an extract of apricot and wild roses, which quickly eliminates signs of fatigue and stress.
  • Mask Hydra Life Beauty Awakening from Dior quickly and effectively moisturizes and tones the skin around the eyes, allowing her to “Wake up”.
  • Cucumber extract and green tea tones up the skin and awakens the mask salon brand Darphin.
  • Mask brand Sisley copes with dark circles under the eyescaused by disturbance of microcirculation in this area. Strengthening capillaries and normalizing the blood circulation, the mask for the skin around the eyes Sisley toning her, effectively eliminating signs of fatigue.
  • Clay mask Bright Mud from Glam Glow has a complex effect on the skin around the eyes. It should be used two to three times a week, and after a short time you will notice the result: reduced swelling, bruising under the eyes, Shine and elasticity of the skin. The mask is based on the caffeine and analogues of retinol.

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