коррекция бровейShape of the eyebrows largely determines the person’s expression, and beautifully well groomed eyebrows an integral component of female beauty. Eyebrow correction allows you to correct their form, but to completely change them is almost impossible. Makeup artists recommend to adhere to the natural line of the eyebrows.

Shape of the eyebrows (straight, rounded or curved) depends on the individual features of the person of a person. Sometimes the women in an effort to change the natural shape of the eyebrows, lose the charm of the nature.

Adjust the shape of the eyebrows can be in different ways.


Plucking some hair

Get rid of the single hairs preferably after a shower or a hot bath, and it is very important to do it in daylight. For the convenience of the zone in which you want to remove unwanted hair, you can brighten using a white pencil. For symmetrical proportions remove some hairs on the one hand, and then with another. Repeat the same thing, until you reach the desired result.



If you have fine and rare eyebrows, regularly comb eyebrow brush moistened in castor or olive oil, glycerin or lotion for hair growth stimulation. Eyebrow comb should be in the direction from the base of the nose to the temples.


Correction of eyebrows with a pencil

коррекция бровейEyebrow pencil should be in every woman. Select eyebrows or make them thicker, you can use a pencil, a close in tone to the natural color eyebrows. Lightly powder eyebrows and light dashed movements give them the desired shape. Not worth it, without taking your hands pencil to draw a continuous line, such an eyebrow looks very unnatural.



If the form and the bend of the eyebrows you completely satisfied, but annoying unruly hair, escaping from the General line, secure them with a gel or hairspray. Bushy groomed eyebrows look very unattractively and produce ugly impression.



Special massage promotes the growth of eyebrows and gives it a healthy look. This massage consists of acupressure, pinching and taps in the zone of the line of the eyebrows.


Compresses eyebrow

Do not be lazy daily devote 5-10 minutes for beauty and health of their eyebrows. Put on the eyebrows cotton pad or cloth soaked in hot oil. Hold compress 5-10 minutes. For such compress any vegetable oil.


Correction of the form

коррекция бровейAdjust the shape can be either done by a beautician. If you have never done this before, the first time trust the master – professional, who will determine the most appropriate for your face shape line of the eyebrows. Specialists do not recommend to pull out the hairs in the upper part of the eyebrows, if you want to thin out the eyebrows and make them more refined, выщипывайте hairs in the lower zone of the eyebrows, that is, in the upper zone of the century.

If you want to achieve more youthful and public expression of the face, you should increase the distance between the eyebrows, and the outer edge of the eyebrows are not allowed to go below the inner edge. Otherwise, the person acquires a sad look, do not attempt to adjust eyebrows through the dense layer of cosmetics, too thick lines and aggressive tone give the image a filthy look.

Care eyebrows should be the correct and regular, only in this way can we ensure that your eyebrows look beautiful and clean.



Many women resort to татуажу eyebrow. If you have decided to correct the situation with a tattoo, select beauty with a good reputation. Whatever it was, and the eyebrows is permanent tattoo so the issue of hygiene and compliance with all health regulations must be in the first place.

Even if your own eyebrows seem too bright, do not adjust them using too dark colors. Professional татуировщики and master cosmetic tattoo is very rarely used paint of black color, and even if you want you drew eyebrow color Voronova wing, a true professional will discourage you from this undertaking. Over time, tattooing is washed out and fades, and black paint in the result becomes ugly dirty-gray or blue shade.

Unfortunately, in case of professional or self-correction eyebrow happen annoying bugs that then we have to correct.

For example, some women resort to colouring of eyebrows.

If you are too высветлили eyebrows, so that they became practically invisible, fix the position will help eyebrow pencil, most importantly, choose the not too dark shade that will not be too contrasted with высветленными hairs.

Without the pencil not do if you or a master in the cabin too much attention to the plucking and left in eyebrows notable «bald». The result of improper correction can also be a different length eyebrow. To some extent, pencil and here comes in handy, but подрисованная eyebrow still will look unnatural. The only solution in this case – stock patience for a couple months and grow eyebrow again.



Long bangs – one way of correcting a failed eyebrows, such a contactless method can be used when bangs harmoniously combined with the form of the face and hair length is able to do this hairstyle.

  • The shape of the eyebrows should correspond to the type of face.
  • With most of the shortcomings shape, density and color capable eyebrow pencil. Color pencil should be in harmony with the color of the hair.
  • Do not get carried away выщипыванием. Unlike other parts of the body, plucked hairs on the eyebrows can no longer grow.
  • To restore the natural shape and eyebrows, it may take several months.
  • The distance between the eyebrows should be equal to the distance between the eyes or slightly wide.
  • After plucking eyebrows in order to soothe the skin and relieve redness, put on the lid and eyebrow gel aloe Vera.

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