форма бровей для круглого лицаEyebrows are the frame of the eye, but also the most important part of a person which determines whether the appearance attractive. Thick enough and wide eyebrows are now considered a real decoration. Shape eyebrows for a round face, as well as for persons other form, is chosen to suit the individual, so that the result looks perfect.


Perfect eyebrows

брови для круглого лицаWhat are eyebrows? Conventionally, they are divided into several types depending on the shape and height of the arch of the eyebrow. A high arch means that the middle part of the eyebrow is much higher than its base and tip. Low arch is almost straight eyebrows, the base, the middle part and the tip which is about the same level.

Eyebrow shape is straight, curved, round and jogged. The tip of the eyebrow may be approximately the same level as its base or to be significantly higher (“eyebrows braslet”). All eyebrow shapes are beautiful, all of them can give the face a unique charm, or, conversely, to spoil the appearance. And it is for this reason before the eyebrow need to think about it and “try on” a new form in the photo, for example, with the help of special programs.

брови на круглом лицеBeautiful can be eyebrows wide or thin (although the latter now and not in fashion), straight or with a bend, round or “braslet”. In any case, make-up artists are inclined to think that the ideal shape of the eyebrows should be as close as possible to natural. That is, if the nature of the eyebrows rather have a straight shape, it is not necessary to seek an arcuate edges, and Vice versa.

At the same time, a small error of nature can and should be corrected. By changing the shape of the eyebrows can visually change the facial expression and even its shape. For example, the eyebrows are a little “pull” a rounded face, to make them less visible chubby cheeks.


Round face

брови для круглой формы лицаRound faces always seem a bit childish. The impression is created because of a rather chubby cheeks and a small nose. Many find always such a charming young faces, but most chubby girls believe that rounded cheeks is rather a disadvantage than advantage. And, accordingly, seek this lack of disguise.

To determine your face shape in several ways. The most affordable of them to circle the oval face (hairline, not on top) in the photo. In the age of computer technology, you can do the same on the computer screen. After only remains to note that most resembles the drawn shape – oval, round, square, diamond or another shape.

Chubby girls often believe that the person they have a square or diamond. But the difference is easy to notice encircled by the contour of face: round faces are characterized by the absence of corners, all the lines are smooth.


What eyebrow shape suits round face

форма бровей подходящая круглому лицуRound face for more roundness, so the most important rule for chubby – abandon an arched eyebrow. Not the best option and will be strongly lowered the ends of her eyebrows, so when their correction is recommended to raise slightly, visipak excess hair from the bottom.

‘d look good on a round face straight or slightly curved eyebrow with a slightly raised tip. In the middle part of the heavily plucked eyebrows is not recommended – unless you can remove the hairs that grow separately. And here are the tips you can study more carefully.

If the natural shape of the brows fracture, when the correction is not worth much to emphasize this detail, actively plucking hairs along the fracture. Worth a try, that eyebrow was arched smoothly enough: acute and noticeable the corners on a rounded face will look ridiculous, disharmonia with its smooth lines.

Better if the highest point of the eyebrows will be located closer to the outer third of the eye. This form is visually enlarges the eyes and masks the excessive bulkiness of the cheeks.


Makeup eyebrows

макияж бровей для круглого лицаIt is curious to notice how changed over time, the idea of minimum required makeup. Once women could not afford to leave the house, I maznuv lips lipstick. Then instead of lipsticks came glosses, and some began to neglect the lip makeup. But the mascara became mandatory and absolutely necessary. Today you can do without lipstick, and without mascara, especially because many increasing eyelashes and mascara is not needed in principle. But the eyebrow was absolutely necessary.

Some lucky women whose eyebrows from nature is thick, dark and beautiful, is only limited by their combing and fixing with the help of gel. The rest have to give your brows more time.

виды бровей для круглого лицаFor example, if the eyebrows are too light, need to tint them. Don’t get too carried away dyes: colors of Raven not talking to anyone, not even bright brunettes. And round faces too contrasting eyebrows especially are not suitable. Better to give preference to different shades of brown. You can periodically dyeing eyebrows resistant dyes, to bring their pencil or shadow. In the last two cases it is necessary to aspire to that line looked like the most natural, was not overly clear.

In addition to painting, the eyebrow is necessary to give a beautiful shape. They need daily combing, moving a special brush-comb from the bottom up. Eyebrow tip (outer third) comb toward the temples. Thus, the tip eyebrow as if lifted, allowing you to visually adjust rounded face.

Pricesbuy eyebrow should be stated that it kept the shape for the whole day. For this purpose we use special gels for eyebrows. Typically, these gels not only retain their shape, but also strengthen the hairs, give them a light Shine and a healthy look. Meet and toning gel – a real godsend for those who want to make the eyebrows a little darker without having to color.

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