бровиIf the eye is called the mirror of the soul, the eyebrows is the frame that makes the mirror in fine thing. Many people do not give your eyebrows a special meaning, but in our appearance, they play not the last role. It is proven that people unconsciously slightly raises eyebrows up, when someone attracts his attention, this movement gives someone the signal about a particular interest, and we do not even think.

As women age eyebrows below to century, but before you commit to a corrective Botox injections or expensive plastic, carefully weigh up all the arguments «for» and «against». The natural shape of the eyebrows is an important way of expressing emotions. We raise eyebrows, wondering хмурим when are worried about something or are aggressively, imperceptibly they change every time, when we feel emotions. If you decide to have cosmetic lift century and eyebrow correction, make sure your doctor knows their job, otherwise you risk to turn to the person with forever frozen in silent wonder face.

If your eyebrows seem too thick, be careful with выщипыванием unwanted hairs. Too thorough and frequent plucking can lead to the fact that in this place the hairs completely stopped growing. Thick eyebrows with long hairs better to cut.


Eyebrows and face shape

Every man by nature has a unique shape of the eyebrows, but it is in our power to correct some, and so eyebrows emphasized the dignity of a person and distract attention from its shortcomings.

Thin and steeply curved eyebrows – not always the best option, much depends on the shape of the face. Women with the face in the form of the heart there is quite a broad brow, with an average curve. Facial square-shaped or oblong-square makeup is not recommended to give the eyebrows too steep bend. Eyebrows of medium density with a slight curve to such a person will look more advantageous. In this case, the main thing – to visually expand the forehead, this helps you to properly balance the face of the square form.

For girls, with a round face fit eyebrows almost any shape. The ideal option would be fine Brovka with moderate angulation, this form of eyebrows visually narrows the face. How do fine eyebrow – a matter of taste. With the eyebrows on the round face is easy to experiment, try a few options, change the thickness or the bend and you will find a form that is ideal for you.

Girls with an oval face, you can say lucky. An oval face is thin eyebrows with high bending look just fabulous. Unfortunately, this form of eyebrows is not for everyone, but in this case it’s hit, «the Apple». Such eyebrows beautifully emphasize the proportions of the oval of face, allocate your eyes and make intriguing look expressive.

Oblong shape of the face always looks elegant, but too curved eyebrows give such person a strange expression of constant surprise. Choose the thickness and width of the eyebrows to your taste, but not too raise an eyebrow up. Regardless of thin you eyebrows or broad and thick, they require care and regular correction of the form.


Thick bushy eyebrows

Thick wide eyebrows is a sign of youth and vitality, but this does not mean they will not give a beautiful and elegant form. It is well-maintained, beautifully defined eyebrows draw attention to the facial features, make eye open and expressive.

If you like thin eyebrows, better plucked hairs in lower part of the eyebrows, freeing zone century. Pulling eyebrows, observe moderation. Do not get too carried away, it’s the most common mistake. If the shape of your eyebrows you are quite satisfied with, but annoy some unruly hairs, don’t pull out, it is better to carefully cut their special scissors eyebrow.

Lack of time, but the acute necessity to bring eyebrows in order to help the following technique: using the gel eyebrow smooth hairs, placing them in the right direction. This little trick will look attractive and nobody would have no reason to think that you are absolutely not caring for his eyebrows.

If you want eyebrows looked more gently, lightly высветлите them, however, this procedure is best done in the salon, but not at home. In any case, do not use aggressive clarifiers, they can lighten the hair to orange. It is better to take полустойкие paint on the two-tone lighter than the natural color of hair and not to hold them for more than a minute after application. If you are still not satisfied, repeat the procedure in a few days.


Fine and rare eyebrows

Thin and sparse eyebrows also need a nice shape and graceful curve. In the case of rare eyebrows there are hairs that spoil the picture and grow where there is no need. They need to be plucked, but here the important thing is to stop. To the pursuit of the ideal form of inadvertently lose eyebrows, never выщипывайте eyebrows in front of the TV and a magnifying mirror. When zoomed image each hair visible, you will feel thick and inappropriate, in fact it is not. If, looking into a mirror, you don’t notice it, so it is invisible and others, so it should stay where it grows.

Pulling eyebrows, start with a simple form. Then attach the printed photo ideal, in your opinion, eyebrows to a mirror, a pencil or a powder repeat this form on my face and only then start to pull out, or cut hairs, following the selected form.

As already mentioned, more bushy eyebrows look naturally and are a sign of youth, so if you don’t want to look older than their years, not выщипывайте eyebrows to a state of thin threads. With age, thin eyebrows and thinning naturally, but the formed intervals may be painted brown pencil – and your eyebrows again perfect.

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