Beautifully curved, long and thick eyelashes pride owners and envy those who framing eyes no such luxury. Fluffy cilia, enhancing the depth and mystery sight, make a woman irresistible and attractive. For many centuries, beautiful half of humanity constantly invent new ways to improve this «border» around the eyes, joking definition of men.
Modern cosmetology finally found the perfect solution to the problem is eyelash extension with the help of artificial materials. The procedure done in many cosmetic rooms, but choose the wizard, you must carefully to the expected beauty is not turned going to the doctor and lost money.

Ways eyelash

Strengthen the density of natural lashes by increasing in several ways:
beam – used to attach a special adhesive composition is closer to the roots of the natural lashes of several strands, which are joined together. It is the Express method that does not durable and suitable for single cases;
поресничный involves bonding additional hairs one by one and is designed for 2-3 weeks with the necessity of further correction;
3D increasing use with a flexible микрополиэстеровые thread, practically does not differ from the natural lashes. Most technological method, which allows not to do the correction of more than 3 months.

Beauty without victims

Наращивание ресниц – условия и ограниченияНаращивание ресниц – условия и ограничения3
Those who decided to surround your eyes artificial magnificent, it is necessary to accept some limitations:
do not use greasy lotion or cream around the eyes;
do not use waterproof mascara;
do not use the swimming pool at пучковом capacity;
do not swim in the sea.
Unfortunately, eyelashes with a build-up of available girls who allergic conjunctivitis and other eye problems, requiring permanent burial of drugs.

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