щипцы завивка ресницTongs perming lash became popular in the end of the last century, when the girls began to paste nails and eyelashes, trying to such artificial ways to correct what has not given them a nature. Eyelashes with beautiful curved always look sexy and attractive, do look very expressive, but if it’s artificial, it can play havoc with the image of women. So they try to adjust their eyelashes in a more natural way, using tweezers for Curling.

Any man who has never seen the clippers for eyelash curler, hard to imagine how to use them. This tool has an intricate shape, the secret of which is very simple. The upper part of tweezers is similar to conventional nail scissors, canvases which are not flat, and leave the two mating between the arcs. The lower arm has a hollow on the entire length, it is lined with rubber gasket, upper arm is superposed on it, entering the gum like a jigsaw puzzle.

The essence of the work tweezers in подкручивании eyelashes. To do this, place the tweezers so that the lashes were between these two temples, then gently press them a little tighten tweezers up, then release. But although the process seems very simple, many women remains a lot of questions to the application of this cosmetic tool, and this is not surprising. You cannot buy tweezers, not paying attention to their component parts, just as you cannot use them improperly. One wrong movement of low-quality tweezers can cut eyelash regrowth which take a long time.


How to choose the clippers for eyelash curler

No matter how straightforward not seem to this device, tweezers not buy spontaneous sales points, at bazaars, sales street stuff. Famous brands clippers for eyelash curler, attentive and demanding fashionistas will appreciate, because their quality is much higher than their cheaper counterparts.

Choosing tweezers, take them over as scissors and make a few movements. The course of paintings should be smooth, without grinding and difficulties. Remember that these tools, we will work on the very sensitive field of the person, therefore it is very important that they are properly «lay» in hand.

Check the gum, which lies at the bottom of the arms unit. It should be perfectly fixed and should not have any damage, otherwise you can break eyelashes. The material from which made the rubber gasket, preferably should be thick and tough enough to bend was clear, and cilia did not wrinkle.


How to use clippers for eyelash curler

There is one truth to remember once and for all, and in any case not violate: tweezers to curl only clean eyelashes, which I have not yet applied mascara. If you try to push their eyelashes, covered with ink, you, first, remove a significant portion of cosmetic cover, and secondly, you can break them. Eyelashes should be absolutely clean, without oil or primer.

If you зажимаите eyelash directly in the root zone, be very careful, because you risk hurting eyelid and accidentally turn him.

Place disclosed clippers so that the lashes were between the temples, then gently push in the field of roots or half the length of eyelashes. Hold for a few seconds, then start slowly and very gently break the bow, promoting tweezers above, pressing eyelashes two more times, reaching up to the tips of the lashes. Only after that you can apply mascara, which finally will record curl.

Undoubted advantage of tweezers for lashes is that they allow not just to give them a curve. Thanks to this tool, the cilia are aligned and do not overlap, as is often the case from nature. Such lashes without tweezers look confused and unaesthetic, and paint them problematic, means and eye makeup looks not so dramatic.

Do not use tweezers eyelash curler every day, it is better to leave their makeup on a special occasion when you need to make beautiful makeup. In any case, with regular use of this instrument should further strengthen eyelashes special cosmetic formulations or castor oil.

The most popular brands, producing high-quality clippers for eyelash curler: Shu Uemura, MAC, Kevyn Aucoin.

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