тени для векEye shadow is one of the main means for the effective makeup, which is present in beautician almost every woman. You can not use a blush or lipstick, but the shadows can transform the appearance is so that ignore this powerful weapon shop impossible.

Ancient beauties in the shadows, used powder paint plant origin limited range, but the attention of modern women is a huge assortment of shades, shadows and types. It remains to decide which best meet your individual needs.


Dry eye shadow

Dry eye shadow can correctly name the progenitors of all other species. Like shadows own cooking enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians, who pounded in a mortar ohru, copper, almonds and other substances, then to finger spread their age. The same principle based effect of modern dry shadow. They come in cans and applied to either a finger or brush. For home use by nonprofessionals these shadows are uncomfortable, but in the hands of the masters of make-up they can work wonders. But all these techniques are needed urgently for the podium fashion shows, and for the everyday life it is better to use a less complex means.


Compact eyeshadow

тени для векThey are very simple, popular, do not require special skills in the application. Earlier compact shadows were too dense texture, showered and when applied to the applicator became similar to inconvenient crisp dry. Modern manufacturers of cosmetics have considered wishes of their customers, and, increasingly, brand will present compact eyeshadow, have soft texture. Their convenient to take on the applicator, they easily glide over the skin, fine shade and mixed with other shades.


Liquid shadows

To present the look of liquid shadows, you need to recall what it looks like standard lip gloss. It is a tube with a moderately liquid texture with the same applicator inside. These shadows are well-kept on the skin, not falling, fast frozen, they are good for the execution of a one-dimensional eye makeup without causing other shades. Sometimes overlaying this type of shadows need to fill the hand, because, once on the skin, they dry quickly and makeup difficult to adjust.

Often these tools are available as lip gloss, without applicator, but with a roller. They also need to learn how to apply exactly, as a rule, they have the same physical properties as the shadows applicator. The summer manufacturers produce these shadows in the light watery texture, it rather looks like radiance than color.


Shadow pencil (sticks)

тени для векThis type of cosmetic products can be called a combination of shadows in the shape of the contour pencil and a fondant. Stylus or the working surface of shadows has a sliding texture, color, easy to apply. Shadow pencil thin or average thickness of the pen can be used as a path. The shadow of the stick are cylindrical in shape with flat base and applied for ever as the lipstick on the lips.


Creamy shade

These shadows are like lip balm, available in a small jar. They have a soft, pliable texture and applied fingers easily shade and blend. Well suited for dry skin and for light summer makeup.



тени для векLightweight, Moussa is in a jar and glides on fingers. Shadow-mousse popular with fans of the natural make-up without an abundance of color пигметов – when applied to the skin, these shadows are literally melt. They very simply overlap and easily erased. Well suited for summer.

The selection of the type of shadows depends on how the makeup and skin type. When oily skin it is better to use compact shadows with a dry texture. If the skin is dry, pay attention to the nutritional texture. The disadvantage of fatty shadows is their ability to slide in the crease of the eyelid, but the products of professional marks is persistent.

When choosing eyeshadow we must build on physical factors. If the eyelids припухлые, discard the liquid, powder texture with the radiance effect in favor of a dry or compact eyeshadow. If you do Kohl liner, remember that the light liquid or powder shadow line may not gain a foothold.

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